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Think International – Global Recruiting

Intercultural competencies, a globalized work environment, international experience – sounds great, right? But what do these concepts mean for you and your career? How does globalization affect talent recruiting, and how do employers compare on an international level?

Working abroad internationally work experience

What does a foreign assignment bring?

Just today, a friend of mine asked me, how Germany fits as a destination for living abroad. We discussed the pros and cons, considering there are no perfect countries and that made me think of multiple expats that come for foreign assignments to different countries across the world. What does a foreign assignment bring? What can one expect to be vary of? What can one expect to learn? All these are questions that decide whether or not we take up these opportunities, or show us pointers to evaluate them.

what was your first work abroad experience like peter adelhardt

What was your first work abroad experience like?

It’s interesting to go through someone’s stories and experiences, in turn letting us reflect on our own lives. As mid and senior level professionals, at times, foreign movements can be quite challenging- considering how set we are in our usual ways of work and life. At Vantage Point, some of the conversations with professionals who have experienced foreign working conditions and have had extended work abroad stints always make us wonder.

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