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O'zapft is -drinking out with colleagues at the Oktoberfest

What not to do when out drinking with colleagues at the Oktoberfest!

It’s that time of the year again. Munich gets about 6 million visitors every year on account of the largest beer fest the world witnesses (German beer rocks, because you bring out the statistics). Last year about 6.4 million visitors gulped down a neat 6.7 liters of beer. What began as a marriage invite party thrown out by the King Ludwig inviting the whole town, has become a great tourist attraction for the city of Munich year after year.

How a simple paper cut led me to reevaluate my health insurance

What an Expat Can Learn from a Paper Cut

Suddenly, German bureaucracy doesn’t seem that annoying when it comes to health insurance coverage. A few months ago, I developed a blood infection, or a Blutvergiftung, from a paper cut. Back home in Bulgaria, no one would have paid attention to such a little injury. Luckily, I was in Germany: the land of care and…

job applications process in Germany statistics

Expat tips: The Job application process in Germany

As mentioned before, Germany is now a big destination for people from different countries, and its booming economy has meant that jobs have been plenty. Of course there are basic needs and expat learnings that we keep sharing with you, but we also thought it would be interesting to show case how the job application process in Germany has changed over years and share some of the statistics around it.

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