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What’s Holding You Back in Your Executive Career Search?

Recruiters suggest that candidates are failing to identify the areas where they require skills development. From an executive recruiters’ perspective, many of the obstacles holding candidates back centre on job search skills and awareness and therefore, can be overcome with professional guidance.

As one recruiter explained:

“Self-awareness is the difference between those who are prepared and those who are not”.

Remember, many recruiters are shocked at the general lack of preparation, poor CV and an inability to communicate achievements; get this right and you’re a strong candidate for the role, regardless of what you perceive might be limiting factors.

what kind of leader are you

Quiz: What kind of leader are you?

Leadership is the most important discipline for senior managers, perhaps because there are so many mistakes one can make. Whether it’s a project gone awry or an issue with computations, studies show that it’s often the fault of management, rather than the employees, when things go wrong in a company. That’s reason enough to review the importance of leadership within a company. How do you work most effectively with your team – and how does your team work best with you? Observing, cooperating, or simply letting them take charge? Find out what kind of leader you are!

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