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Inside characteristics of a good manager

Inside the mind of a successful manager

Finding management jobs is not easy, but it is also only just the first step towards what may potentially be a long haul career ensuring that teams and products work as per plans. We have shared before the classical ‘characteristics’ of a successful manager, as defined by research, teams and headhunters or hiring managers.

What not to do when a headhunter calls

What Not to Do When a Headhunter Calls

It’s a Monday like any other. Somehow everything is not going as smoothly as you would like. The coffee is on strike like the subways and even then there’s this email from your boss, the day seems messed up already by 8 clock in the morning … And then there’s this call: “Hello, do you have a moment for me? Can you speak freely?” Who would have thought, that on the other line there is a headhunter and he calls in to save your day. Well, at least he has a very high probability that a leading management position is in store for you …

worst way for a candidate to behave with a headhunter

A Headhunter Shares the Worst Way for a Candidate to Behave on a Phone Call

Priorly we shared details with you on how to establish a long term relationship with a headhunter or an executive recruiter and what could be done potentially to improve your chances of getting the next management position. Today, we present an interesting interview with Hildegard Freund, CEO of Hildegard HR Consulting in Germany. From talking through the best ways to contact a headhunter to the worst way for a candidate to behave on the first phone call, get all the exclusive insights directly from the headhunter, and be sure that you’re following all the best practices!

creative job applications

3 Most creative job applications!

Standing out from the crowd is a great skill. We already shared how your CV or job application hardly get more than a few minutes (even seconds) from the recruiter when so many applications are in competition for a single dream job. What can you potentially do to be different? While, we do not essentially recommend blatantly copy what we are about to share here, but we thought it could make you think out of the box on some aspects depending on your industry, function and level of seniority. For a fun Friday, it you are unable to use this inspiration! Here are 3 unique and creative job applications for your perusal!

find the perfect photo for your resume

Applying in Germany: find the perfect photo for your resume!

Pictures are a worth a thousand words- and while there’s no rocket science in this statement and before you yawn away thinking it’s a cliche, the reality is that it is true. But what does an image truly convey? The subjectivity of this thought is far more critical when put in the context of a job application. Because the perception of a candidate can be severely altered because of an image and then you’re left wondering if you should have paid a little more attention. Applying in Germany is special in that respect as you are expected to send in your job applications and CVs with a photograph attached to it. Find the perfect photo for your resume- here are our tips!

How to respond to a headhunter call at your workplace

How to Respond to a Headhunter Call at Your Workplace

As a part of our ongoing series when we ask Headhunters the questions that are most pertinent from a candidate’s perspective, we have insights today from Erni Curk, the Managing Director from the Profil Group in Ljubljana that focuses on executive recruitment. From having an internal locus of control alongside a big picture view, to how to respond to a headhunter call at your workplace, read more to find out all that’s expected of candidates in senior positions…

4 tips for active sourcing for executive jobs

4 tips for successful active sourcing for executive jobs

Active Sourcing for executive jobs by headhunters is increasingly becoming important in today’s human resources scenario. A study by Experteer Switzerland shows that 97% of senior candidates in a company want to be ‘found’ or ‘approached’ by headhunters…

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