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The Headhunter’s Ideal Candidate – Are You The Total Package?

So you went to Yale, but you can’t say a single sentence without stuttering? According to headhunter Celine Choisel of BiermannNeff, the ideal candidate is well spoken, charismatic, and skilled. Sure, you may have years of experience and a doctorate degree, but if you can’t convince Ms. Choisel that you’re a good fit for the…

Think International

Think International – Global Recruiting

Intercultural competencies, a globalized work environment, international experience – sounds great, right? But what do these concepts mean for you and your career? How does globalization affect talent recruiting, and how do employers compare on an international level?

7 things no headhunter will tell you

7 Things That No Headhunter Will Tell You

In our last interview with Jorg Stegemann, a global headhunter, he provided exclusive insights into his work as a top recruiter. Stegemann shared his tips for anyone over the age of 40 who may be searching for a new job, and even compared looking over resumes to perusing a restaurant menu

Age is no hindrance for your success as a top manager

Age is No Hindrance for Your Success as a Top Manager

Even if you are not concerned much or seek to deny it: This year you will not be able to fight your destiny again. Sooner or later, your age will increase further by a year. Whether you are just at the peak of your career or in the search of a new senior position in the new year, the one thing that we can’t deny is a factor in most career decisions is: age

7 qualities headhunters are hiring for

7 Qualities Headhunters Are Hiring For

Over the past year, and in our own experience, we often talk to our headhunter partners and hear out their insights and also the key characteristics that they are looking for in a new candidate especially for a senior position. It is often hard to put a tangible measure for all the soft management skills that are increasingly growing in prominence with all executive recruiters and headhunters alike.


How to Put Up Job Postings for Senior Positions as a Recruiter

The battle for the best candidates today requires a lot of commitment on the part of the employer. Good talents are few and far in between and it is not easy to find top talent. A common strategy recommended to help a headhunter or executive recruiter almost assumes that top candidates will be presented on a silver platter. And you only need to choose the best among them.

The case for rehiring senior managers

The Case for Rehiring Senior Managers

There is possibly no recruitment method more cost- or time-efficient than re-staffing reliable former employees. According to a 2009 Career Builder survey of 2,924 hiring managers, 26% of employers who had laid people off in recent years were planning on bringing some of those layoff casualties back.

HR software and recruitment tools

How to Select HR Software and Recruitment Tools

Looking back today in any company, we see intelligent systems that perform routine tasks such as personnel expense reports, time and attendance, workforce planning, controlling or training management and support the recruitment team in the battle for the most skilled and talented minds. In the era of globalization and high-end technology, the vacant positions are no longer stuck on physical bulletin boards but with each company utilizing its online presence.

words to impress how hiring managers read resumes

How do hiring managers read resumes ?

At the time of looking at the job description, it feels perfect. And you submit the resume. And then you wonder, how do managers read resumes? What are they looking at?

How to Answer a Headhunter’s Call: 3 Things You Should Know

We talked about why you always need to take calls from Headhunters for the sake of your management career. We have also shared with you the key taboos while on a call with a headhunter. For many executives, talking with headhunters is not the most common business call they are used to. Days at work are full of business planning meetings or the discussion on the next big channel.

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