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5 more things executive recruiters look for on your resume

5 More Things Recruiters Look For On Your Resume

Last week, we presented you with 6 Things Recruiters Look For On Your Resume. Our partners at ExecutiveConnexions had even more insights from leading recruitment experts, so take a look at part 2 to learn more tips for making the most out of your CV. Click on ALLOW button to have access to more exciting career…

things recruiters look for on your resume

6 Things Recruiters Look For On Your Resume

The subject of the humble CV or Resume is as likely to start a debate as lively as any discussion around politics or world peace. Everyone seems to have an opinion – and a different idea of ‘the right way’ to write a CV! It’s not surprising that so many senior executives struggle with crafting their…

5 ways to build relationships with executive recruiters

5 Ways to Build Relationships with Executive Recruiters 

With many industries, the cliche holds true: it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Today, many recruiters and headhunters are more easily accessible to high quality candidates. So how can you, as a candidate, build relationships with executive recruiters? Hayley Stanton of ExecutiveConnexions has some tips on how you can strengthen your network, and improve your chances of finding your next career opportunity.


Get Discovered by More Than 20,000 Headhunters and Recruiters on Experteer [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s no secret that today’s war for talent has headhunters and recruiters fighting over promising leads and qualified candidates. But for senior professionals ready for a change of pace, it’s not always so easy to track down a top recruiter! Networking and visibility are the key factors that will help you make your way onto a headhunter’s radar. Experteer talked to our network of experts to compile the best tips on getting discovered by headhunters. We hope this will help, and we wish you the best of luck with your next career step!

Successful Team Leader

Do You Have What It Takes to Be A Successful Team Leader?

We can all achieve more when we work together… or so they say. But is that true? Team work has been an integral part of the typical work day for countless companies. Collaboration relies on the combined talents of colleagues from different departments. But a successful team needs, above all else, a skilled team leader….

How to Amaze a Headhunter

How to Amaze a Headhunter – Leaving a Lasting First Impression

When you’re on the hunt for a new position, your profile on social career networks is extremely important, just like your resume – the first personal impression that you convey to a headhunter is essential. For a first impression, there’s no second chance. Today, we spoke with Gregor Lenkitsch of Lenkitsch Recruiting, who can offer…

How to Become a Headhunter

How to Become a Headhunter: Behind the Scenes with Julian von Blücher

There’s no university or program that prepares someone to become a headhunter,” says Julian von Blücher, CEO and founder of headhunting firm Talent Tree GmbH, headquartered in Munich. It’s true – though headhunting is now considered to be the most effective method of matching candidates with companies, there’s no training or education process that can teach someone how to become a headhunter. Rather, these scouts are individuals with innate matchmaking skills, professionals who have the determination and the right sense to find the perfect fit for a client. We asked Julian von Blücher about his past, his process, and his predictions for the future of headhunting.

What to Do When Your Boss Finds Out You Talked to A Recruiter

What to Do When Your Boss Finds Out You Talked to A Recruiter

What happens when your boss finds out you’ve been talking to recruiters? A scenario like this, in the age of mobile recruitment and the ever-closer relationship between headhunters and recruiters, isn’t totally unrealistic. Here are tips on how to handle this difficult situation.

how to tell a headhunter when you dont want the job

How to Tell A Headhunter When You Don’t Want the Job

There are few better feelings than getting a lucrative and exciting new job offer. You’ve done research and preparation, put on your best suit and tie, and dazzled the interviewer. But what happens when you’ve already jumped through all of the hoops, only to find… you really don’t want the job?

Experteer Smartphone App

Experteer Smartphone App Now Available for Android!

The staff of Experteer is excited to announce the launch of Experteer’s Smartphone App for Android devices! Launched on February 26, 2015, Android users with version 4.4 and higher can now download our free new career app. Experteer’s app is now available for both Apple and Android systems, the two largest mobile operating systems, and our discrete job…

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