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5 more things executive recruiters look for on your resume

5 More Things Recruiters Look For On Your Resume

Last week, we presented you with 6 Things Recruiters Look For On Your Resume. Our partners at ExecutiveConnexions had even more insights from leading recruitment experts, so take a look at part 2 to learn more tips for making the most out of your CV. Click on ALLOW button to have access to more exciting career…

Recruiting advice no headhunter ever tells you

Recruiting Advice No Headhunter Will Ever Tell You

Recruiting Advice No Headhunter Ever Tells You

Most recently, I read through a great piece by David Rogier on Medium about the best recruiting advice he ever got. As any self-respecting ambitious professional wanting to get a great position at a dream company, David talks through his struggle to get himself a position in a ‘start-up’ and the advice he got from Tristan Walker.

time to upgrade your cover letter

Upgrade Your Cover Letter

Did you ever get the impression that the CV restricts you from being specific about your strengths in an online job application? Or that it offers you limited possibilities to stress your high motivation for a job? The good news is that you still have a chance to fill in these gaps: the Cover Letter

online job application tips

Tips to Optimize your Online Job Application

Have you applied online for a job recently? 70-80% of applications executive recruiters receive are online job applications. If you are still opting for the hard copy route, maybe you should rethink your approach and stop living under a rock (sorry!).  Ask yourself: do you want to present yourself as an online persona- a careerist as opposed…

100 best headhunter advice

5 Things You Should Know About Headhunters

It shouldn’t take a lot of research to get information on optimizing your CV or Cover Letter. Be it career services or savvy bloggers that provide you with the tips, make sure that before using any advice, things are put into perspective. However, today, we try and answer a question that is many are often left pondering: ‘What is relevant to a headhunter?’

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