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can your employer go through your phone
Murky Waters

Sean Spicer Wants To Paw Through His Employee’s Phones – Could Your Boss Do The Same?

Sensitive information has been leaking from all over the White House, and Sean Spicer is pissed. These unauthorized leaks are sometimes laughable, like February’s bathrobe scandal, or more serious, like the recent allegations of the Trump administration’s ties to Russia. As a result, Spicer, President Trump’s press secretary, is cracking down on staff channeling information…

uber set up jeff jones to fail
Lethal Corporate Culture

Will Uber’s Leadership Become A Revolving Door?

Jeff Jones, the man hired to be President of Uber, resigns after only 6 months. Jones formerly worked as chief marketing officer at Target before leaping to head Uber’s marketing and operations. Click on ALLOW button to have access to more exciting career news!

advantages of nepotism
Who You Know

Nepotism Is Underrated

Nepotism has a bad rap. We’ve all been here: your company has a job opening… and you personally know someone with the right skill set. Do you take a chance and put the two together?  Why not?! This is the new company culture, where who you know really does matter. And if there has ever been a…

millennials won't manage
Millennials won’t manage

Millennials Are “Over” Management.

Millennials, now the largest segment of the workforce, don’t want to manage. Click on ALLOW button to have access to more exciting career news!

is jobhopping a career killer
Time for a change.

Quit Today: Jobhopping Makes Candidates More Attractive.

If you’re paying attention to the epochal shift were sitting through right now, you’ll know that the so-called taboo on job hopping is exactly that: imaginary. At least, it is to anyone under 40 right now. In the last decade, Western and post-industrial countries have witnessed a large inception-like shift to knowledge economies and there’s…

ancient executives
They’ve been around the block

“Back in My Day”—What Older Executives Can Offer the Team

It’s no secret Millennials have been set loose on the work force. Since 2015, they are the largest generation making up the current work force, bringing with them flatter hierarchies and digital know-how. Therefore what can the set of older executives contribute to a more democratic organisational landscape and a digitised era? Click on ALLOW…

executives have opinions
Executives Get Political

“Brandstanding” – Executives Have Opinions. But Do We Need to Hear Them?

Everyone is entitled to their opinions. About same-sex marriage, gender inequality, immigration policy and especially who should be sitting in the Oval Office. And social media has effectively opened up a mainline vein just perfect for injecting our personal opinions into the world. Top execs are also sharing their social-political views. And intentionally or not,…

is it okay to have a favorite employee
When favoritism becomes problematic

Is It Okay to Have a Favorite Employee?

“Playing favorites,” preferential treatment, nepotism – there are plenty of terms for what most employees consider to be a grossly unfair practice in the workplace: when a manager favors one employee over the rest. This is especially true when colleagues believe the preference isn’t based on working ability or professional merit, but rather, based solely…

outdated career advice
“So, how many words per minute can you manage on this typewriter?”

4 Pieces of Outdated Career Advice You Must Ignore To Succeed

Whether you’re a seasoned executive or a fresh-faced and hungry college grad, you can never escape well-meaning career advice. Click on ALLOW button to have access to more exciting career news!

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