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what was your first work abroad experience like peter adelhardt

What was your first work abroad experience like?

It’s interesting to go through someone’s stories and experiences, in turn letting us reflect on our own lives. As mid and senior level professionals, at times, foreign movements can be quite challenging- considering how set we are in our usual ways of work and life. At Vantage Point, some of the conversations with professionals who have experienced foreign working conditions and have had extended work abroad stints always make us wonder.

issues with diversity in germany

Diversity in Germany: it has a lot to do with the politics!

When Sam Mendes made the American Beauty, in the academy awards that year it was heavily nominated (of course!). Someone in the ceremony said, ‘the best movies about America are made by non-Americans’. This could be transported to other cultures too, in the sense that someone from outside is able to present a critique in a much more stark light. With the increasing diversity in Germany, the workforce has an ever increasing push of new cultures.

Vantage Point, the Experteer magazine

Introducing Vantage Point, The Experteer Magazine

Usually, cool cats at Experteer tend to dream of new things in exquisite ways. Most of them are related to just how we can improve the experiences of a user. Vantage Point, the Experteer magazine makes its entry today. On a quick Google search, senior management professionals will notice, that while their ‘free time’ does not seem to be increasing, the sheer volume of articles to read on topics of interest is exploding…

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