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How to evaluate your strengths & weaknesses for ultimate career success

Tips on Writing Self-Assessments for the End of the Year

As here self-assessment, also known as a self-appraisal or self-evaluation, gives employees the opportunity to share with their manager the work they have done since their last review, how they have performed on those tasks, areas they feel they can improve on, and what their supervisors can do to help them perform their job better. Given…

personal branding

Personal Branding: Managers, Give Your Career a Boost

Do you consider “personal branding” another useless buzzword? Then you’re just one of many working professionals who’s underestimated the power of this marketing tool. Branding can open so many doors in your life, personally and professionally, that might’ve been closed otherwise. Personal branding isn’t so different from classic branding. You can use it to increase your visibility, handle your reputation, or to build trust in your skills. You can actively influence the impression you leave on others. In other words, you can fight your way to a higher and better position. Today, we’ll show you how to use modern media more effectively to become an expert in your field, and give your career a little push.

tips for answering common interview questions

Tips on Answering 5 Common Interview Questions

So you’re through to the interview stage. Having presented to many directors and board members over the years, a meeting to discuss a career opportunity shouldn’t feel daunting. However, even the most self-assured executive can feel a degree of apprehension when facing something outside their immediate control. Not knowing what will be asked could be…

employee buy-in for tough decisions

The Importance of Employee Buy-In for Tough Decisions

Employee buy-in for tough decisions: get your team on board No company can stagnate and simultaneously remain successful, which means change is an inevitable part of a company’s progression. Nevertheless, businesses trying to implement change often fail because their employees are not in agreement with the changes. As discussed in another Experteer article, your ability…

be a team leader

Your Next Career Step: Be a Team Leader

Career chances sometimes pop up unexpectedly. Your company is looking for a team leader or you find an interesting advertisement for this position. Now you are asking yourself if your professional skills are sufficiently developed to take on the challenge. Climbing the career ladder demands management and social competencies. Your personality has less influence on whether,…

more effective communication

Be Successful With More Effective Communication

Communications play a central role in day-to-day work. As a senior executive, this means you also have a challenge: You expect that your counterpart in the conversation will listen, understand and act as you wish. Using suitable communications techniques is an important key competency for senior managers. Effective communication is a capability, which can be…

the best holiday incentives for employees

The Best Holiday Incentives for Employees

It’s no secret that happy employees are the key to a successful business. If you can create a feeling of loyalty among your staff, you’re practically guaranteed a more motivated workforce. Studies conducted by the University of Warwick showed that happier employees were more productive. Good managers know the importance of recognizing their employees for…

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