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Tips for Your Next Headhunter Interview

Informed, Motivated, and Engaged – Tips for Your Next Headhunter Interview

In a meeting with a headhunter, would you hungrily wolf down a sloppy sandwich? Or back him into a corner by demanding to know, “How did you find me?” This is no way to make a first impression. On the other hand, if you enter the interview well informed about the position and the company in question, and pose relevant questions to the headhunter, this will count in your favor. Today, we spoke with Dr. Thomas K. Heiden, of the recruiting firm heiden associates, recently recognized by Focus Magazine. Read on to learn how you can best prepare yourself for an interview with a headhunter. With these tips for your next headhunter interview, you’ll score points and get an edge on your competition.


Ace Your Job Interview in Germany

For international job seekers, you may have some questions about the interview process in a foreign land. What customs and norms should you be aware of? How can you best prepare yourself, and make a great impression? As if a job interview in your home country isn’t stressful enough, the added dimension of a new culture and maybe even a new language can make for a real nerve-wracking experience. But Experteer has some advice for those who are looking for a job in Deutschland – our guide will help you to ace your job interview in Germany!

The Best Career Opportunities for Women - "The Female Career Index"

The Best Career Opportunities for Women – “The Female Career Index”

Everyone knows that the discussion over a “quota” for women in the workplace is a hot topic – but the number of female employees and executives doesn’t seem to reflect this movement. A majority of German executive boards are almost firmly occupied by men. The Female Career Index strives to create more transparency – its goal is to expose which companies offer the best career opportunities for women. How do top companies in Germany rank when it comes to women and the job market?

brag on your resume

The Best (And Most Professional) Ways to Brag On Your Resume

But how can you effectively communicate your talents, achievements, skills, and potential contributions to recruiters, headhunters and HR departments without crossing the line into boorish boasting? By remembering that it’s not bragging if it’s true, and by cultivating a different attitude as you craft your resume and incorporate language that embraces the art of selling yourself. So go ahead – brag on your resume. We’ll show you how it’s done.

Women in Management Turn Your Detours into Opportunities

Women in Management: Turn Your Detours into Opportunities

Female executives are no longer a rarity in the business world. German women are routinely performing better in the country-wide standardized “Abitur,” (mandatory final exams for all graduating high school seniors), and even in universities, women are overachieving and beating out their male counterparts. Countrywide, the proportion of female students to male is 51 percent. But when it comes to careers, women are constantly faced with new obstacles. Today, we spoke with Martina Frahn, a partner at HUNTING/HER HR-Partners, a recruitment firm that specializes in placing women. She explained why women in management sometimes get in their own way, and showed us how highly qualified female candidates can best present themselves to get the positions that they deserve.

Avoid These 10 Job Hunting Mistakes Featured

Avoid These 10 Job Hunting Mistakes! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Let’s face it – there are a million and one ways to look for jobs, and none of them guarantee success. There are also plenty of ways to completely ruin your chances of finding a new position, job hunting mistakes you may not have even thought of. So as you begin your journey into the job market again, do your best to keep these tips in mind.

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