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Active sourcing as a Candidate: Applying to the Headhunter

Active sourcing is usually spoken about from the recruiter’s perspective. So it may sound absurd if we talk about it from a candidate’s perspective, but hear us out, this may directly land you a management position that you’ve been waiting for, forever. In all earnestness, we recommend, an ‘Initiativbewerbung’ (very accurate German word for what we’re saying: initiate your own proactive job application for the headhunter). Active Sourcing or proactive job seeking is in high demand, and there’s no doubt that as a senior candidate you are slated to benefit from it too

Can writing a speculative application open new doors for your career

Maximize your chances: The art of writing a speculative application

A simple way to circumvent a normal job application process and in fact to expand your “application repertoire” is possible by writing a speculative application. By displaying a sense of dynamism and initiative, you can be a step ahead of competition. However, having said that, speculative applications may not be all that easy to position considering there isn’t a real job position or description to work with. Keeping this in mind, today, we would like to share a few tips helping you successfully develop the art of writing a speculative application.

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