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Successful DNA Decoded: The Top Skills Needed by Consultants

In consulting you can be promoted faster and earn much more than in most other industries, however not everyone makes the cut in the exclusive consultant ranks. In order to be successful there are some skills you have to bring to the table.

A steep learning curve, international opportunities and a spectacular salary: the consulting industry has many advantages, but the selection criteria is tough. Only the best will make it in one of the biggest strategy consultancies. Which skills are necessary to become a successful consultant? Experteer has looked at the abilities of top consultants:

Top skills of successful consultants

Project Management & Project Leadership

They work in a structured way. As consultants manage changing projects with different clients, they must organize and manage them efficiently.


They have problem solving skills. Consultants also offer their clients a way out of complex situations.


They work transparently. Consultants ensure that all relationships and interactions of their company with existing and potential customers run smoothly.

Change Management

They think strategically. Top consultants are able to handle challenging change processes within a company – while keeping an eye on the big picture.

Business Development

They are innovative. Top consultants develop new ideas and develop the business models of their customers.

Human Resources Management

They have leadership skills. In this way, consultants are able to utilize the full potential of their team and make the best use of it.


They communicate strategically. Consultants are marketing professionals and know how to position a company properly – and when it’s time for a relaunch.

Sales Skills

They are convincing. Consultants are able to persuade and sell their services brilliantly.

Prerequisites for a successful career in consulting

Apart from these skills, says Headhunter Susanne Hecker from PSD, a good consultant needs:

  • An attractive university degree
  • Excellent technical knowledge
  • Strong analytical and strategic thinking
  • And, shocker! Soft skills are also required. In addition to all of the necessary hard skills, consultants should also be approachable, team and service-oriented, and have a strong mix of social and technical skills.

Job boom in the consulting industry

Not only is the earning potential of a consultant attractive, but their current job prospects are also outstanding. According to Oliver Tonnar, managing director of PSD, consultants are benefiting from ever-accelerating economic transformation and the booming economy. The fact that strategy consultants also offer such services as HR consulting, lean management and operational excellence shows that there is a further need for personnel. This need translates in to job prospects, even for those looking for a complete career change. So, what are you waiting for?


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