Shine in Your Next Headhunter Interview – Christian Düngfelder Tells Us How

Showing up too casual for an interview? Not good. Asking questions about sexual orientation or religion? Even worse. To keep you informed on what really matters in job interviews with headhunters, we’re coming to you today with more insights into the knowledge of a headhunter.

Christian Duengfelder

At the moment, executives in the STEM sector (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) are in high demand. So we asked Christian Düngfelder of MINT Solutions, a firm specializing in the STEM sector in Germany, to answer a few questions about his industry.

Read on to learn how to successfully avoid the most classic interview mistakes, and how to shine in your next interaction with a headhunter!

Which questions should a candidate always be ready to answer in an interview with a headhunter?

Why are you looking to change jobs? Where do you see yourself in the next 2-3 years?

What was your most interesting recruiting job so far?

Because we work in such a specialized field, it’s very rare that we come across “exotic” recruiting jobs. However, it’s already happened that we had to find a development leader for  American clients without any branch in Germany, without the right German legal forms, and with a working contract with a large audit. Otherwise, naturally finding C-Level positions in Asia are always a challenge.

Who is an inspiring top manager for you?

No idea, but I wouldn’t want to name just the biggest companies. There are plenty of relatively unknown small or midsized companies that are managed by excellent managers and personalities, but aren’t publicly known.

What part of a resume do you pay special attention to?

Consistency of employment, no gaps, the duration of employment, and the organization and structure of a CV.

From the perspective of a candidate – what should they expect from a top recruiter?

Good advice, as well as lots of options and possibilities that are relevant to my professional goals and desires, and may help me get a job, and finally, regular status-quo updates.

What are the most important traits for candidates today?

Specialization, flexibility, good communication skills.

What was the highest salary that you’ve placed a candidate for?

+200.000 €.

I would immediately send a candidate away if ….

It’s never happened to me before, and it also shouldn’t ever happen, but falsified documents and records would be a good enough reason.

Which questions would you never ask a candidate?

Of course that depends on the requests of the client, but generally there are no questions concerning religion, sexuality, or anything like that.

Who would you most like to interview, and why?

I would love to speak with Elon Musk and Shawn Carter, because they’ve been constantly innovating for decades, and  they both achieved a lot at a young age.r viel erreicht haben.

At 40, am I still of interest to a headhunter?

Of course.

What are the signs of a successful headhunter?

A very good network, good work ethic, and satisfied customers.

What was the biggest faux pas that you’ve ever witnessed from a candidate?

Poor manners, and insulting the receptionist.

What should candidates pay attention to when meeting a headhunter for the first time?

Of course that’s difficult to say, but I would recommend checking the background and the integrity of the headhunter beforehand, for example, on a site like Kununu. As a candidate, one should make sure that they don’t irritate the headhunter, like by changing plans or ignoring predetermined agreements.

What do you pay the most attention to, specifically? How important is fashion sense, or a neat appearance in a candidate?

[I pay attention to] professional competence. It really depends on the position and the branch, but naturally the applicant should come to an appointment appropriately dressed. That doesn’t necessarily mean they need a tie, but we always recommend a suit.

Which social and career networks do you most use to find candidates for vacant positions? What’s your approach?

Career platforms like Experteer, networks like LinkedIn, and our own personal network, which grows over the years.

Which questions should a candidate never ask in an interview?

This is also difficult to say, but I would avoid questions about religion and sexuality.

How do you get your assignments?

Acquisitions, recommendations, follow-up business with satisfied clients.

How do you identify potential candidates for interviews?

Through various networks, and lastly, through the personal interview.

How should a potential candidate react when you call him unexpectedly at work?

Open, relaxed, and authentic.

We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Christian Düngfelder for this interview. We hope these tips and tricks will help you to improve, and we wish you, as candidates, lots of success in your next headhunter interview!

About Christian Düngfelder:

Christian Düngfelder is the CEO of MINT Solutions, a company specializing in STEM professional recruitment, with offices in Munich and Cologne. MINT Solutions was founded in October of 2010 by Christian Düngfelder. After he had successfully helped to build the engineering sector of an international consulting firm, he decided to found his own company independently with his own ideas on recruiting and staffing. MINT Solutions provides these services to specialists and executives from scientific and technical fields, particularly those working with automotive electronics, IT, mechanical and plant engineering, both on a permanent or a freelance basis. Their clients include both DAX companies, as well as SMEs. Meanwhile, MINT Solutions is a valued partner of the industry and an ambassador of the STEM Initiative, to help create the future.

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