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How do you create the right work culture?

Recently, @newscred ran a Twitter chat, the topic was: how do you create a culture of content in your organization? I’ve worked for 8 years now. I’ve been through 3 university degrees, and everywhere no matter what anyone says, I’ve understood one thing: one of the biggest impediments to successful project executions is not the technology, tools or anything fancy, but the people and their work culture. How do you create the right work culture?

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How do you experience work place culture?

Of late we have talked plenty on company culture- what it means to create one, how can we hire right to match, and most importantly how do we create the right, creative mix. Taking a step back, I thought through the question that was most pertinent before we began the real analysis- how do you experience work place culture?

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How to know if you are the right culture fit at work- meet your careerdate!

Post a recent HR seminar in Germany, a few excited HR bloggers shared their insights and someone Tweeted the new HR mantra. It said, “Wir müssen Charaktere rekrutieren, nicht Lebensläufe”. Loosely translated it meant, we must recruit for ‘characteristics/ culture-fits’ and not resumes. The immediate question that sparked up my imagination was- how? Today, I spoke with Christoph Skrobol, founder and CEO of a unique new recruitment service- Careerdate

Showing emotion in the workplace can be a great challenge for senior-level managers

Why is empathy at work so difficult?

Most senior managers and professionals become experts in their fields after many years of experience. Leadership is also often learned on the job. More recently, empathy at work seems to have picked up steam as one of the key skills a leader must possess. However, it is not the easiest skill to nail down, especially…

How to Make the Most of Professional Disappointment

How to deal with work rejection

Plenty of managers or people vying for the next career step tend to go through a sine curve of emotions at various points in their careers. Maybe it is your new big idea that got turned down, or the fact that you got ignored for the promotion you had been secretly expecting. Worse still, the person you least…

Working remotely is a fast-growing trend in the modern workforce

What Are the Challenges of Working in Virtual Teams?

A virtual team can be defined as “a group of individuals who work across time, space, and organizational boundaries, and interact primarily through electronic communications.” According to a study conducted by RW3 CultureWizard*, 87% of employees working within multinational companies conduct at least part of their work virtually. The study also found that only 16% had the…

Diversity in the workplace

Understanding Cultural Differences – How Germans and Americans Can Work Together

The offer of an attractive position abroad – either from your own company or through a headhunter – can often lead to significant career progression. Experience abroad can be the key to making that next career step, and the USA is a very popular destination for working professionals. In order for a new position to…

Creating a more diverse and gender-balanced workforce

How Can We Improve the Statistics around Gender Ratios in the Workplace?

An old Tibetian proverb says: “A hundred male and a hundred female qualities make a perfect human being.” We are going to stand up for this being true in work settings as well, when we’re trying to create perfect ‘work environments’. We have talked about gender difference at the workplace before: from the perspectives of salaries as well as the ‘roles’ that women are ‘expected’ to fulfill. Today, we will take a look at some statistics around gender ratios at workplaces

Tips to avoid Ageism at workplace
Discrimination in the workplace

Management Skills 101: Tips to fight ageism in the workplace

One of our team leaders waited until his last day at our company to tell us how old he was. Apart from the fact that he looked much older than he really was, I was suddenly aware of why. The rest of his team was older than him and he wanted to avoid that this might call his leadership into question. Yes, ageism in the workplace has become an important issue.

It’s not uncommon for job seekers to make these assumptions

5 Biggest Misconceptions When Working with Headhunters

Headhunters are a great means to gain access to jobs or job seekers that may or may not be public. Their services also speed up the hiring process, which is important as companies must move swiftly to secure the best talent. For individuals, faster progress on the job hunt means a more secure career move.

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