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International Business Etiquette Quiz

Does the thought of traveling for work excite you – flying business class to far-off lands and experiencing new cultures? Business and social etiquette can be tricky, especially in foreign countries. Making the right moves and saying the right thing can make a big difference in your career. Take the Experteer quiz on international business etiquette, and see how ready you are to act as a diplomat and representative of your company abroad.

What is the correct way to exchange business cards in China?

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To what unusual place might a Finnish business partner take you to do business?

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What type of body language must you absolutely AVOID when doing business with Middle Eastern business partners?

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What do you do when the senior executive starts to close his eyes in a meeting in Japan?

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In the UK, what is a business associate trying to tell you when he or she taps his or her nose during a discussion?

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How many times should you urge a host to accept your gift when doing business in China?

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What behavior is considered INAPPROPRIATE in a formal business setting in Germany?

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