Power Words to Use in Your CV

Promote yourself!Imagine the job application process to be a marketing campaign which promotes YOU. The CV the executive recruiter receives needs to be shouting ‘Interview this candidate!’ Solid arguments have to sustain this message and enticing phrases have to convey it. By integrating power words in your CV, you raise the interest of the reader and retain it to the extent that he/she will get to the part announcing your hobbies.

What are Power Words?

Recently, more and more specialists in recruitment talk about the staggering effect generated by power words. If the expression is a little hazy, let’s make it a bit clearer: power words are words used to make a statement stronger. In general, they are action verbs which either define your work experience, or identify your skills and abilities.

How to use Power Words?

Words have a psychological impact and can determine the recruiter’s next step.

When presenting your experience, don’t leave aside anything that you have accomplished and can be quantified. Maybe you have driven financial results on a positive curve throughout the whole previous year, or you negotiated on a significantly better deal for your last advertising campaign, or you delivered a business plan long before the deadline. Choose those success stories which are relevant, include some supporting figures and demonstrate to the executive recruiter that you are the right person for the job.

In the section where your skills are stated, you may want to emphasize your excellent ability to communicate within a team or with clients, your capability to analyze business concepts in depth, your ability to create business strategies, your virtue of committing to your tasks.

Overall, you want to maintain a positive and direct tone. Passive voice should be avoided. Instead, make use of active voice and promote yourself as a ‘doer’, a motivated person who shows initiative and enthusiasm.

The highlighted terms in this article are a few examples of the power words you can use. Make this exercise and improve the content of your CV. On top of underlining the facts and features important to a recruiter, you also gain a point by proving outstanding communication skills.

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