Consumer response: Pay for the privilege of reading jobs

Today, we want to respond to a forum veteran Stephen_NE from Lucern, Switzerland. Firstly, thank you Stephen_NE for taking time out to respond to an Experteer related query about paying for the privilege of reading jobs.

Re: Your experience with Experteer- is it worth to pay for it?
Any site that makes unemployed people pay for the “privilege” of reading job ads and applying for a job deserves to be boycotted.
– stephen_NE, Forum Veteran, Lucern

And, unapologetically, we disagree. We don’t want to dismiss what you say before we explain what we feel about this issue. It’s quite profound really what you brought out and led us to think through about it.

On making unemployed people pay

We would like to clarify that Experteer works with senior management professionals earning above the Experteer benchmarks in their careers and not necessarily unemployed at the current moment. We do not make people do anything. We trust our consumers to know what they want better than we do.

They make the choice. We are a business. We sit on the other site working hard to be chosen. We are not going to defend that we do try to showcase our product to the best of our abilities – like any other hardworking company. We hope people get excited by what they see and buy. We try hard for them to see value in the exclusive jobs we bring to the market place through our extensive headhunter and recruiter network.

We can’t afford to take the customer for granted or force them into a purchase- which is illegal in any case. There are many segments that we can’t cater to, for instance, freelancers, part time workers, students. This is not to say that they can’t afford us, but just that we are a niche organization. We like to have a narrow focus so that we can serve our consumers better.

On our customers who may be unemployed

Surely we could have potential customers who may currently be looking for senior management jobs and positions. We welcome them to use our platform and the best performance of the product is indeed when you invest in it fully, which does mean buying it.

A recent study on health and fitness shows that we need incentives to focus on our own health. So, while one could run in the park next to the backyard of the house, people tend to follow through more when they have a contract or even a paid gym membership.

It’s psychological. We believe a good product that you buy and commit to will likely help you find a dream job quicker!

Which privilege should we pay for?

This is where it got a bit deep considering the subjectivity of the whole topic. We tried to look up lists and studies. Was it fair that, we paid so much more for Apple’s original iPhone which (at that time) didn’t even come with 3G? Why are we so keen on paying for sparkling water that comes in bottles?

Should people in the US pay for schools while Germany continues to make it free? Should women pay more for healthcare premiums because they tend to live longer? Case in point: which privilege should we pay for, and what we do end up paying for, is quite a profound topic.

Not everyone can agree on the same things, but from our perspective, there are no free lunches, and come to think of it, Experteer’s membership doesn’t cost you much more than a business lunch. How much should you pay for realizing a dream? It is entirely up to you to decide if saving time and effort is a privilege you pay for or not.

We will however, try our best to create value and convince you! Simply because, the success of our platform depends on you finding the right opportunities!

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