internet fraud job offers

Detecting Job Scam: Basic Hints

The online environment does not discriminate: everyone is invited to join. While it is true that global communication has never known such expansion, with companies benefitting massively from it, we cannot look away from the negative outcomes. Fraudulent entities are constantly innovating their dishonest techniques, and a moment of carelessness may easily transform you into…

Employee satisfaction

Green Benefits Trigger Greater Employee Satisfaction

‘Going green‘ is an expression that gained popularity in the business world in recent years. More and more companies develop an interest in environmental protection and take action in this sense. On top of cutting costs in the long-term and governmental support, it seems that ‘green’ efforts tend to influence employees’ pride in the organization and…

6 Truths about Personal Branding

If the concept of ‘Personal Branding’ and its alleged importance in the job seeking process have been giving you headaches, it’s time for you to take a step back and try to wrap your mind around the facts surrounding it. It is common knowledge that the job application process involves marketing yourself as a candidate,…

Power Words to Use in Your CV

Imagine the job application process to be a marketing campaign which promotes YOU. The CV the executive recruiter receives needs to be shouting ‘Interview this candidate!’ Solid arguments have to sustain this message and enticing phrases have to convey it. By integrating power words in your CV, you raise the interest of the reader and…

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