What does your dream job mean to you?

Experteer conducted a survey recently asking respondents (across countries with 7000 respondents), what was the most important criteria for them while ‘finding a dream job’. 90% candidates responded with ‘salary’. We like to believe it’s not so black and white.

Elevate your career with Experteer

Experteer at work: and running the field

Being headquartered in the heart of Munich, and in a country in the heart of Europe, means, two things: a) Experteer at work is phenomenal in terms of the work environment (please come visit us you won’t disagree); b) In spite of the Bier or Oktoberfest associations, ‘unfit’ Germans (including internationals that live here) are not the most common site


Experteer Reviews: Why be a paid member?

Hint: It is better than free, read further Our customer care team keeps scouting the web for user reviews and comments we can use to improve and keep our products and services most useful for our customers. This week we started a new initiative to help our customers understand our views on the reviews they may…

Reasons why the CEO ignored you

5 reasons why the CEO ignored you

Strategically, I am in the room next to the CEO’s and on a certain Friday, I found myself outside his room and then inside it to go through a few details on a new exciting project. Reasons why your CEO is ignoring you During lunchtime in the park however, I realized, it was a cool…

active sourcing

Why should you care about Active Sourcing?

For the Headhunters and recruiters seeing candidates ‘Actively’ in the labor market, Experteer recently launched an analytics tool enabling them to perform candidate ‘Active Sourcing‘ much more efficiently. This is especially critical in the top 10% market where our candidates are typically placed.


Tracing back recruitment history: The first headhunter was a soldier

Headhunting as a term on a quick Google glance comes from literally taking someone’s head (with all the soulful and intelligent information) after killing them. Thankfully, in the recruitment and careers space, it is not half as brutal. Although, it’s fair to say that for senior professionals and headhunters alike, there’s no doubt that it…

Vantage Point, the Experteer magazine

Introducing Vantage Point, The Experteer Magazine

Usually, cool cats at Experteer tend to dream of new things in exquisite ways. Most of them are related to just how we can improve the experiences of a user. Vantage Point, the Experteer magazine makes its entry today. On a quick Google search, senior management professionals will notice, that while their ‘free time’ does not seem to be increasing, the sheer volume of articles to read on topics of interest is exploding…

cost of a working lunch

Working Through Lunch Costs UK Businesses almost £50 Million

UK companies are losing close to £50 Million a day in lost productivity as over six million UK employees fail to take a their lunch hour, a new research by Bupa claims. Over 34% of employees experience pressure from managers to work through their lunch hour while half feel the weight of their workload prevents…

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