Women office politics and power

Survival skill for Women: Embracing Office Politics

Aristotle told the Greeks: “Man is by nature a political animal.” Although the reference is to man, it still holds true for women. Office politics is a term almost every working person is familiar with. But in the dictionary of a professional woman, it almost spells like a dirty word. As a woman in the corporate arena, I myself would prefer to keep away from anything I term as office politics.

Experteer iOS mobile app

The Experteer mobile app: now on your your iPhones!

The increasing immersion of mobiles and smartphones in our lives is commonplace now. As a technology company delivering online experience to our consumers for the last many years, we have been thrilled to get onto the mobile curve to match our consumer expectations! The Experteer mobile app- a native career app for the iOS platform has been a great source of pride for the whole company, mainly because we see such great consumer traction!

Is Zalando losing top talent

Is Zalando top talent leaving the firm quickly?

Sometimes data leads to interesting insights, and we wanted to get our heads around this one quite a bit. Experteer analytics data suggests that Zalando’s management churn seems to be much higher than the ‘Internet’ industry level in Deutschland. Here are some rather stark data points we discovered: 1 in every 4 senior professionals in…

Transparency in Salary at senior levels

Are you avoiding every single salary discussion?

Usually apart from the necessity of physical exercises that didn’t seem so critical in our 20s and the silent torture caused by Hollywood celebrities on never-ageing antioxidants ( or whatever else Richard Gere is eating) growing up has been empowering. Few adults want to go back to being reprimanded by professors, parents and young bosses. It’s refreshing to…

career venn diagram how your headhunter finds you a top position

10 things you do not know: how your Headhunter finds you a top position

Headhunters as we introduced before, are a part of a serious business. Usually most of us are not aware of the whole value chain or the activities of a headhunter especially when analyzing just how a Headhunter finds you a top position. We decided to list down the top ten activities that are a part of the Headhunter business to help you see the steps of reaching your dream career in a more transparent manner.

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