When leaders face a setback, how do they use it as a setup for a comeback? How do they pivot?

5 Strategies for an Impactful Professional Pivot

From media darling, to committed wife, to Democratic candidate nominee, to mis-trusted advisor, to hopeful presidential incumbent and now the opponent of U.S. President Elect, Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton’s long and often troubled legacy has come to a seeming full-stop with her concession speech to Mr. Trump on November 8th, 2016. Or…has it? While some…

5 Workplace Mirroring Scenarios To Use For Success
Chasing success? Take a look in the mirror.

5 Workplace Mirroring Scenarios To Use For Success

Through the day-to-day minutiae, a workplace can seem perfunctory, a functional space where 9-to-5ers converge under the company umbrella. But take a closer look and it’s actually its own ecosystem built upon one thing and one thing only: the relationships and behaviors of its constituent parts. With so many conflicting agendas and varied personalities, there…

Another installation in our series on strong female leaders, Agrawal’s unique approach to entrepreneurialism encourages doing cool … stuff. Learn more.

Fierce Female Leaders – Miki Agrawal Wants It All

“Now my definition of success is living to my full potential. I want it all. I know now from experience that it’s possible to have a growing, successful business and a passionate relationship, to be in the best shape of your life, to give back to your community, and to push your boundaries when it…

annual company holiday party
Wearing a lampshade on your head is – excuse us – old hat. Violate your corporate policies in style this season.

5 Quick Ways to Ruin Your Career at the Annual Company Holiday Party

Is it already that time of year again? Time for the annual company holiday party? Some celebrate with a formal banquet, others with a sad buffet of frozen fingerfood. But alcohol is usually in full swing – and along with the open bar comes a wide array of opportunities for faux pas. To keep your…

Suit Up for The Ultimate Psychological Trick When Doing Salary Negotiations
A terrible joke might be the best way to increase your paycheck. Trust us.

Suit Up for The Ultimate Psychological Tip for Salary Negotiations

Seeing a low salary on an applicant’s resume is a cause for a potential employer to offer a candidate a lower salary than planned. Earlier this year, Massachusetts became the first state in the U.S. to ban inquiries about a candidate’s past salary. In psychology, it’s a widely-dispersed concept of when a person is exposed…

Recognize your supervisor here? From the Stressed to the Sporty, we’ve got them covered.

The Most Original Christmas Presents for Managers

Every year, managers find the same types of gifts waiting for them underneath the Christmas tree. Silken ties from Italy, delicious wines from Italy, and overpriced spa gift certificates for Ayurveda treatments all lead to the same reaction – apathy. Or even worse, feigned joy – “Oh great! A tie!” Since most managers can’t even…

expectation management for junior employees
Handling a green member on the team may require a special touch.

Leading, Not Hand-Holding – Expectation Management for Junior Employees

In order to be an effective manager, the way you communicate with your subordinates and convey your expectations is crucial to your success in your role. If you’ve got a new hire that’s only recently joined the workforce, it can be taxing to determine how best to manage a new employee. Fortunately, there are a few ways…