change of career
The Executive’s Guide to Career Reorientation

Is it Time for a New Direction?

Not many executives wake up on a Monday morning with a cry of joy. And every employee complains about his colleagues, or irritating customers now and then – these aren’t good reasons to start looking for a new job. But any employee who believes that their current position isn’t making full use of their potential, should seriously consider a career reorientation. Oftentimes, as you ascend the career ladder, more and more career opportunities become available for those on the senior management level.

Time to reflect and review

Writing your end of the year self-assessment

Self-assessment gives employees the opportunity to share with their managers what they’ve done since their last appraisal interview, how they’ve handled certain tasks, what areas they would like to improve in and how their supervisors can help them. Most of the professionals we speak with have employee responsibility, so today we want to give you…

Going off the Grid!

Permanent Availability on the Job

Being available at all hours is extremely important for many companies, but does this mean that employees have no right to switch off? Why shutting off your Smartphone and going “off the grid” should be allowed. Honestly, was it necessary to send that last email on Friday at 9:17pm? Could you not have sent that…

Employee motivation

Why Positive Leadership makes you a Better Boss

Behind every successful leader stands a motivated team that shares values and vision. Unfortunately, you can’t simply teach employees to be motivated in their work, however there is a method that few know. Knowing this method can lead to satisfaction in the team being actively planned… Is satisfaction plannable? The Positive Leadership Approach developed out…

Be the best leader you can be

8 Key Characteristics for Good Leadership

What are the most important characteristics of a good leader? Not such an easy question to answer, is it? Of course, a strong leader or manager has the talent to persuade people to willingly follow him or her, but what else is there to it? Every business needs a strong personality at each level of management who has the characteristics of a good leader, but how do you recognize, as a director, the perfect senior manager for your newly opened enterprise?

feel-good management
A smile can go a long way

How Feel-Good Management Can Lead Your Company to Success!

The “Feel-Good” management style is still relatively new in the working world, and is usually regarded as someone “exotic.” Feel-Good management is based on employee motivation, and creating a comfortable company culture. The goal is to inspire employees to come to work every morning with a smile – while also encouraging them to not only enjoy…

The ultimate career toolbox

3 simple tricks to advance your career

Your career can develop linearly. Step by step. That’s nice, but also a bit boring. Why not hit the accelerator? Just check out these exclusive headhunter tips for career boosting, and you’ll be flying in no time. So, you find your current job satisfying? You’re not looking for a change at the moment? You know…

inspirational business books
The Experteer Bookshelf

Inspirational Business Books to Read This Winter

With the holidays approaching, there’s no better time to catch up on some reading with a nice cup of tea and a spot by the fireplace. Experteer’s senior management weighs in on the inspirational business books that helped them to develop their own management styles. Read on for some tips on how to kickstart your own career…

annual company holiday party
Wearing a lampshade on your head is – excuse us – old hat. Violate your corporate policies in style this season.

5 Quick Ways to Ruin Your Career at the Annual Company Holiday Party

Is it already that time of year again? Time for the annual company holiday party? Some celebrate with a formal banquet, others with a sad buffet of frozen fingerfood. But alcohol is usually in full swing – and along with the open bar comes a wide array of opportunities for faux pas. To keep your…

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