Transparency in Salary at senior levels

Are you avoiding every single salary discussion?

Usually apart from the necessity of physical exercises that didn’t seem so critical in our 20s and the silent torture caused by Hollywood celebrities on never-ageing antioxidants ( or whatever else Richard Gere is eating) growing up has been empowering. Few adults want to go back to being reprimanded by professors, parents and young bosses. It’s refreshing to…

career venn diagram how your headhunter finds you a top position

10 things you do not know: how your Headhunter finds you a top position

Headhunters as we introduced before, are a part of a serious business. Usually most of us are not aware of the whole value chain or the activities of a headhunter especially when analyzing just how a Headhunter finds you a top position. We decided to list down the top ten activities that are a part of the Headhunter business to help you see the steps of reaching your dream career in a more transparent manner.

Employee retention rationale

Today’s employee retention woes: Where are all the good candidates?

Over the past few years, the global economy has undergone tumultuous changes with the looming threat of a constant recession-like situation. The environment that organizations are operating in today is one characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. In a recent survey released by, 65% of employees admitted to passively or actively looking for…


What does your dream job mean to you?

Experteer conducted a survey recently asking respondents (across countries with 7000 respondents), what was the most important criteria for them while ‘finding a dream job’. 90% candidates responded with ‘salary’. We like to believe it’s not so black and white.

Elevate your career with Experteer

Experteer at work: and running the field

Being headquartered in the heart of Munich, and in a country in the heart of Europe, means, two things: a) Experteer at work is phenomenal in terms of the work environment (please come visit us you won’t disagree); b) In spite of the Bier or Oktoberfest associations, ‘unfit’ Germans (including internationals that live here) are not the most common site


Experteer Reviews: Why be a paid member?

Hint: It is better than free, read further Our customer care team keeps scouting the web for user reviews and comments we can use to improve and keep our products and services most useful for our customers. This week we started a new initiative to help our customers understand our views on the reviews they may…

Reasons why the CEO ignored you

5 reasons why the CEO ignored you

Strategically, I am in the room next to the CEO’s and on a certain Friday, I found myself outside his room and then inside it to go through a few details on a new exciting project. Reasons why your CEO is ignoring you During lunchtime in the park however, I realized, it was a cool…