100 best headhunter advice

5 Things You Should Know About Headhunters

It shouldn’t take a lot of research to get information on optimizing your CV or Cover Letter. Be it career services or savvy bloggers that provide you with the tips, make sure that before using any advice, things are put into perspective. However, today, we try and answer a question that is many are often left pondering: ‘What is relevant to a headhunter?’

German integration for expats interview German by doing

Expat learning: be German by doing

We have covered personal experiences of senior professionals getting to International work environments and all of them have stressed on the importance of adapting to new cultures when in a new location. Many senior professionals tend to get to the US and Germany – these being the top two big destinations for expats and senior professionals currently.

issues with diversity in germany

Diversity in Germany: it has a lot to do with the politics!

When Sam Mendes made the American Beauty, in the academy awards that year it was heavily nominated (of course!). Someone in the ceremony said, ‘the best movies about America are made by non-Americans’. This could be transported to other cultures too, in the sense that someone from outside is able to present a critique in a much more stark light. With the increasing diversity in Germany, the workforce has an ever increasing push of new cultures.

Headhunter day

3 Reasons Why You Need to Know How Your Headhunter Works

Previously we shared with you the 10 things you did not know about how headhunters find you a great senior management position or differently put- your dream job. Headhunter services can vary depending on how big or small the headhunter is. We interviewed a few of our headhunter contacts from Experteer and came up with a day plan on what they do all day

how to find a job while employed

How do I look for a job while employed or on a holiday?

The question of how do I look for a job while employed or on a holiday came really from a Reddit string here. And we had our ears up. This did not seem like an unusual situation and we decided to find more insights on what could be the potential tips!
3 steps on how do I look for a job while employed or on a holiday:

Headhunter contact tips

3 tips for improving your Headhunter contact journey!

As usual, this Friday, we discuss an Experteer review with everyone to help anyone else who may get confused with some of the information. We believe our candidates need to know the logic behind our service directly from us, and we do hope that helps him in getting enough data to make an informed choice. Experteer has a string of Headhunters and recruiters that scan your profiles for matching senior level positions everyday, we will also use this article to show you how to improve on how you can have a great experience on your first recruiter or Headhunter contact.

management jobs giving feedback

15 Feedback tips for senior professionals!

As senior professionals move to the next level in their careers, people responsibilities gain importance and usually if these ‘softer’ skills are not taken care of, even project success can be challenging. On the onset, it is critical to note that, giving feedback or “constructive criticism” as it is popularly known as does not mean criticizing another person.

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