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Manager skills 104: 10 step body language guide

We already shared tips on effective communication for managers and above in senior management jobs. These skills often get ignored while we spend our energies in getting up to speed on more tangible (or so we feel) hard on the job skills. Non-verbal communication, or body language is often ignored by managers and this can prove to be something that can really improve the performance and impact of how a manager is perceived.

top manager failures

7 reasons why you are not a top manager

For over 10 years, a certain Sydney Finkelstein has made it rather clear. He has dared to name the Elephant in the room and addressed the deficiencies at management levels without mincing words. Sydney Finkelstein is a management professor in the Tuck school of business and has worked previously with 50 companies that were finding their way downwards to come up with interesting insights for top managers.

10 worst failures in salary negotiation

10 worst failures in your salary negotiation

And so goes the everyday struggle, or rather, the oft forgotten topic of salary- which remains a taboo topic for most senior management jobs, even in the age of transparency and what everyone would confirm: too much information. Estimates suggest that about 100% management jobs’ seekers are wanting to earn more, and yet, no one is quite excited by the conversation around money About 40% of all working people in Germany would never speak to a colleague about money.

job applications process in Germany statistics

Expat tips: The Job application process in Germany

As mentioned before, Germany is now a big destination for people from different countries, and its booming economy has meant that jobs have been plenty. Of course there are basic needs and expat learnings that we keep sharing with you, but we also thought it would be interesting to show case how the job application process in Germany has changed over years and share some of the statistics around it.

13 ways to Work Smart in executive jobs

13 ways to help you ‘work smart’ in executive jobs

We have already discovered that work-life balance and burnouts are increasingly pertinent issues in executive jobs. After all, you make a choice to be a chief executive, how can you not take the other side. However, this post is not about making you depressed about getting to that senior management position or rejecting all the executive jobs.

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