idea theft
Intellectual plagiarism?

Combating Idea Theft in the Office

One of your employees seems to be a real jack-of-all-trades. This special colleague always has the best ideas, which he presents beautifully in meetings and conversations – but somehow, you can’t shake the feeling that this colleague’s achievements aren’t his own. If you suspect that your employee isn’t who they seem to be, take a…

how do you organize your work
Series: Smart Answers for Tricky Interview Questions

How do you organize your work? The best tips for chaotic geniuses

Staying organized saves us time, and from extra stress – especially when an interviewer catches you off-guard in an interview, with the question: “How do you organize your work?” We’ll show you which answers can help you demonstrate your most efficient self. Your interview has gone perfectly – to this point. What could possibly go…

setting your intentions for 2017
Make it your year.

Setting Your Intentions for 2017

“This is the year I’ll change my life. I’ll upgrade my career. I’ll get the raise I deserve. I’ll push for that promotion. This is it!” You’ve thought it. You’ve dreamt about it. You wanted it. Now it’s time to act – learn how to set intentions in 3 simple steps, and make 2017 your year! The life…

executives have opinions
Executives Get Political

“Brandstanding” – Executives Have Opinions. But Do We Need to Hear Them?

Everyone is entitled to their opinions. About same-sex marriage, gender inequality, immigration policy and especially who should be sitting in the Oval Office. And social media has effectively opened up a mainline vein just perfect for injecting our personal opinions into the world. Top execs are also sharing their social-political views. And intentionally or not,…