setting your intentions for 2017
Make it your year.

Setting Your Intentions for 2017

“This is the year I’ll change my life. I’ll upgrade my career. I’ll get the raise I deserve. I’ll push for that promotion. This is it!” You’ve thought it. You’ve dreamt about it. You wanted it. Now it’s time to act – learn how to set intentions in 3 simple steps, and make 2017 your year! The life…

executives have opinions
Executives Get Political

“Brandstanding” – Executives Have Opinions. But Do We Need to Hear Them?

Everyone is entitled to their opinions. About same-sex marriage, gender inequality, immigration policy and especially who should be sitting in the Oval Office. And social media has effectively opened up a mainline vein just perfect for injecting our personal opinions into the world. Top execs are also sharing their social-political views. And intentionally or not,…

is it okay to have a favorite employee
When favoritism becomes problematic

Is It Okay to Have a Favorite Employee?

“Playing favorites,” preferential treatment, nepotism – there are plenty of terms for what most employees consider to be a grossly unfair practice in the workplace: when a manager favors one employee over the rest. This is especially true when colleagues believe the preference isn’t based on working ability or professional merit, but rather, based solely…

tough in negotiation
Forget “Win-Win!”

Why Managers Should Be Extra Tough in Negotiation Situations

The idealized “Win-Win Situation” that most aspire to reach in salary negotiations is a lazy compromise, explains former entrepreneur and negotiations expert Kurt-Georg Scheible. According to Scheible, the best way to win in a negotiation is to stay tough. Brutally tough. The classic “Harvard Concept” for negotiation recommends that both parties strive towards reaching a…

politics of external hiring for senior managers 2
Great Risk, Greater Rewards

The Politics of External Hiring for Senior Managers

Have you considered peeking over the corporate fence, in search of greener grass? External hiring for senior managers has the following benefits, which could make your efforts worthwhile: Personal growth – New perspectives are good. The challenge of working with new leaders and colleagues exposes you to fresh ways of thinking, decision-making, and problem solving….