get promoted faster
The Promotion You Deserve

Can You Get Promoted Faster? Yes. Here’s How.

Curious to know how long it takes the average professional to rise in the corporate ranks? So were we. We examined data from thousands of Experteer candidates and here is what we discovered. It takes just over two years in the U.S. and UK, on average, to rise from a specialist to a manager position….

Downsizing is Hard
Your Downsizing Strategy

Downsizing is Hard, But It Doesn’t Have to Be

Amongst managers, the most intimidating process is letting an employee go due to company downsizing. Firing a disruptive employee is one thing, but letting employees go that are productive and reliable colleagues is entirely different consideration. Therefore managers need to approach such a situation with sensitivity and a clear process. Franco Gandolfi, Professor of Management…

6 simple steps to making your employees love you
Happy Valentine’s Day

6 Simple Steps for Making Your Employees Love You

As a manager, you understandably want your employees to like you. After all, employees who like and respect their bosses are more likely to be engaged in their work activities. Such employees are often satisfied with their positions, more productive in the workplace, and more eager to keep their jobs instead of looking for a new…

managing relationships in the workplace

Managing Relationships in the Workplace

If you’re like 37% of employees, you’ve dated someone from work [CareerBuilder 2016]. When colleagues become a pair, private and professional lives suddenly mix. This can have negative consequences for both your career and your relationship. However if you approach it in the right manner, managing relationships in the workplace might not be so difficult,…

business buzzwords
Reacting “Agile” to Office Cliches

Business Buzzwords We’re All Sick of Hearing

Managers love their buzzwords. But by including these little cliches, the actual message is often diluted. It could be different – communicating clearly and directly, without falling back on space-filling buzzwords, isn’t so difficult. At the yearly shareholders meeting for a major corporation, whispers and murmurs fill a giant auditorium, and anticipation grows with every minute….

hostile work environment

5 Signs You’re Entering a Hostile Work Environment

From the moment you walked into that new office, you felt it – something is off. Low morale, strained communication, a general air of malaise… The atmosphere of a workplace is a huge factor in the success of its employees. Hopefully you’re able to identify whether this new position is a good fit – for your experience, for your personality, for your working style – before you accept an offer. Look for these indicators that you’re entering a hostile work environment and avoid sentencing yourself to several years of discontent at a new company.