Reading Between the Lines

The Biggest Lie of HR Recruiters? “We’ll Be In Touch.”

Why do so many people hate politics? Is it the performance? Is it the candidates? Is it the awful and mildly uncreative advertisements? Actually, it’s the double-speak. The fact of the matter is that, today, the general public equates political double-speak with definite equivocation. A party with something to hide. A candidate who will renege…

millennials won't manage
Millennials won’t manage

Millennials Are “Over” Management.

Millennials, now the largest segment of the workforce, don’t want to manage. Although Generation X (those born just before the Millennial generation, roughly between the early 1960s and the late 1970s) dominates the C-suite now, Millennials are the next in line. Except that many of them do not want to be there. Studies in the…

personal development
It’s simple.

To Improve Your Life, Improve Yourself.

Do you feel as if you’ve got too much on your plate to focus on personal development and growth? Do your professional commitments overshadow everything, meaning you’re too caught up in the flow of meetings, projects, travel, and other duties to focus on your own goals? If so, it’s time to take stock. Ironically, if…

why your employees aren't taking initiative
Inspiration Counts

Why Your Employees Aren’t Taking Initiative

Why Your Employees Aren’t Taking Initiative Taking initiative requires taking risks; taking risks means you assume responsibility for any resulting failure. This idea is daunting, but if employees remain stagnant, your business will too. Motivating your employees to take initiative, despite the risks, is a challenge many leaders face. Because employees’ desire to take initiative…

is jobhopping a career killer
Time for a change.

Quit Today: Jobhopping Makes Candidates More Attractive.

If you’re paying attention to the epochal shift were sitting through right now, you’ll know that the so-called taboo on job hopping is exactly that: imaginary. At least, it is to anyone under 40 right now. In the last decade, Western and post-industrial countries have witnessed a large inception-like shift to knowledge economies and there’s…

early risers are more successful
Morning Glory

The Secret to Success is a 5 AM Wake-Up Call.

Early risers are more successful in the business world. Here’s why. „The early bird catches the worm.” This motto has been around in American top management as a success formula for years. Today this management style has spread to other corners of the world, and it’s becoming increasingly more accepted. Countless studies and numerous prominent…

Importance of Creative Thinking For Managers
Executives: More creative candidates, please!

“You don’t have to be dead to be valued.”

Managers who are willing to think outside the box and deviate from popular opinion can sometimes get a bad rap. However, these innovative thinkers are able to react flexibly and creatively to difficult situations and problems in their team, effectively turning failures into success stories. In this article we look at why managers benefit from thinking…

ancient executives
They’ve been around the block

“Back in My Day”—What Older Executives Can Offer the Team

It’s no secret Millennials have been set loose on the work force. Since 2015, they are the largest generation making up the current work force, bringing with them flatter hierarchies and digital know-how. Therefore what can the set of older executives contribute to a more democratic organisational landscape and a digitised era? For one, they…

Saying No at Work - How to Respectfully Decline

“No” is the Magic Word

Many people find it difficult to say no, however for senior managers and executives being able to effectively manage your resources and say no when you need to is a crucial ability. This is the key to staying on track with your goals, as well as looking after your health. People who say yes to…