Creative lunch breaks

Meditation instead of cheeseburgers

A quick smoke and then a slice of pizza or a cheeseburger at the canteen? This is an example of what has been a common lunch break in many companies, however it no longer has to be this way. Employers and external providers are increasingly committed to providing employees with unusual breaks, from sports programs…

Unfold your potential

How to become true thinkers from yea-sayers

Is it the case that no matter what you say your team is always nodding? Then you could be surrounded by typical yea-sayers. But unproductive servitude and the fear of rejection impede company success. Social worker Martin Bergmann explains how to create an appreciative work environment in which employees become wise co-workers and thinkers. Oh…

Efficiency boost

Less work, more success

Wouldn’t it be nice to work less, and still create more? Psychologist Dr. Ferrari reveals how to get the biggest enemy of efficiency – procrastination – under control. “I can’t do it today, I’ll just do it tomorrow.” If this statement sounds like one of your standard excuses, then it might well be the case…

qualities of the modern manager
Encourage innovation in the face of failure

The 5 Key Qualities of Modern Management

What are we talking about when we talk about modern management? Are we discussing the changing nature of the workplace? Are we talking about the breakdown of traditional roles? Are we remarking upon the very nature of corporate and executive leadership itself? Modern management was obviously made more efficient as it was shaped in the…

This Habit Will Destroy Your Work Life and Cost Your Company
The dangers of perfectionism

This Habit Will Destroy Your Work Life and Cost Your Company

Snapshot: Two kinds of perfectionism exists: Adaptive perfectionism allows a person to focus on internal striving, remain open to feedback, and know not to nitpick. Maladaptive perfectionism causes incredible anxiety and stems from a deep fear of failure. Those who struggle with perfectionism are costly to a workplace in terms of deadlines, time, and internal…

Your boss is watching you

The Impact of the Hawthorne Effect on Productivity at Work

The Hawthorne effect (also referred to as the observer effect) refers to a phenomenon whereby individuals improve or modify an aspect of their behavior in response to their awareness of being observed. In other words, it refers to an increase in worker productivity produced by the psychological stimulus of being singled out and made to feel important.

The hidden benefits of stress

How to use stress to make yourself a better person!

Feeling stressed? Embrace it! New research shows that stress can actually make you happier and stronger – just by viewing the experience more positively. Instead of treating stress as a disease, experts are encouraging us to reset our minds to view the negatives of stress as positives. By taking a more positive view of stress…

challenges of working in virtual teams
When your colleague lives inside a computer screen

What are the challenges of working in virtual teams?

We spoke about Virtual teams last week and how effective communication and the right processes can lead virtual teams to success. Today, we take a step back and talk about what are the key reasons why virtual teams are important from a management perspective. We also try and have a look at what are the challenges of working in virtual teams.

body language in a negotiation
Uncross your arms and stand up straight, or you’ll never get that raise!

Body Language Signals You Should Never Send in a Negotiation

Regardless of how well you prepare for a negotiation and how convincing your arguments are – your negotiating strategy can topple like a house of cards in a single moment.  How can this happen? Maybe your negotiating partner picked up on your insecurity and nervousness, given away by your shaking hands and the film of sweat…