can your employer go through your phone
Murky Waters

Sean Spicer Wants To Paw Through His Employee’s Phones – Could Your Boss Do The Same?

Sensitive information has been leaking from all over the White House, and Sean Spicer is pissed. These unauthorized leaks are sometimes laughable, like February’s bathrobe scandal, or more serious, like the recent allegations of the Trump administration’s ties to Russia. As a result, Spicer, President Trump’s press secretary, is cracking down on staff channeling information to…

Holacracy – The End of Classic Management?

“Hey Boss, Grab Me a Coffee!”

Most experienced managers gasp in horror at the very mention of “holacracy.” Suddenly, in place of existing hierarchies, everything is put into question. Holacracy means the dissolution of leadership roles – which could be a great chance for a company to grow. But be cautious with this risky management move. Logistically, self-management are comparable to driving…

uber set up jeff jones to fail
Lethal Corporate Culture

Will Uber’s Leadership Become A Revolving Door?

Jeff Jones, the man hired to be President of Uber, resigns after only 6 months. Jones formerly worked as chief marketing officer at Target before leaping to head Uber’s marketing and operations. In a statement to Recode, Jones explained his abrupt departure, “It is now clear, however, that the beliefs and approach to leadership that…

advantages of nepotism
Who You Know

Nepotism Is Underrated

Nepotism has a bad rap. We’ve all been here: your company has a job opening… and you personally know someone with the right skill set. Do you take a chance and put the two together?  Why not?! This is the new company culture, where who you know really does matter. And if there has ever been a…