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How to create a more productive and healthier work environment

Addressing mental health in the workplace

Mental health issues are silently killing productivity in the workplace. Depression alone costs 400 million lost workdays every year in the U.S., according to the Partnership for Workplace Mental Health program. That doesn’t even include stress disorders or anxiety, which are just as common. Considering the high cost to your company for letting these issues…

Cultural Fit

Corporate Culture Fairy Tales

In the application process many companies describe their culture in the most dazzling ways. For new employees, however, a rude awakening often follows. Have you embellished your company culture before? Best not to again, as this could have serious consequences. After only two months on the job, say goodbye to the new sales manager. What…

The One Question Holding You Back at Work

The One Question Holding You Back at Work – Stop Asking “How”

Faced with a difficult new task? Don’t make it harder than it is – just do it. Too often, our minds are held hostage by self-imposed restrictions and our impression of the expectation of others. So, if you really want to push yourself and aim for success, avoid asking this question that’s holding you back at…

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Cultural Fit

Surprise! You Can Still Like Your Job Even If You Hate The Company Culture

The workplace culture dilemma will not die. It is common wisdom that organizations that build a distinctive, positive work culture and hire employees who fit it do better. The problem is, however, that getting the match right is tough. Company cultures change over time, too. And so do people. The go-getter who once thrived in…

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Dress For The Job You Want

Hoodies and Sneakers: The New Workplace Uniform

Corporate cultures are shifting, and the workplace uniform with them. The 1980s saw the beginning of the “casual Friday” movement, which allowed employees to shed the ties and high heels once a week for a more comfortable look. That has slowly given way to a dress-down-every-day trend in many offices. When you get a dress code…

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Work Hard Play Hard

Let Them Play Foosball: How A “Fun” Company Culture Gets Results

Table tennis and kegs. How this company promotes culture Everyone’s read about the games and cool perks at Google and other tech giants, like climbing walls, endless food, travel stipends and on-site acupuncture. These investments are intended to pay off in a strong workplace culture that boosts employee satisfaction, and there is plenty of research to…

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5 Signs You’re Entering a Hostile Work Environment

From the moment you walked into that new office, you felt it – something is off. Low morale, strained communication, a general air of malaise… The atmosphere of a workplace is a huge factor in the success of its employees. Hopefully you’re able to identify whether this new position is a good fit – for your experience, for your personality, for your working style – before you accept an offer. Look for these indicators that you’re entering a hostile work environment and avoid sentencing yourself to several years of discontent at a new company.

5 Workplace Mirroring Scenarios To Use For Success
Chasing success? Take a look in the mirror.

5 Workplace Mirroring Scenarios To Use For Success

Through the day-to-day minutiae, a workplace can seem perfunctory, a functional space where 9-to-5ers converge under the company umbrella. But take a closer look and it’s actually its own ecosystem built upon one thing and one thing only: the relationships and behaviors of its constituent parts. With so many conflicting agendas and varied personalities, there…

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