Optimize Your Work Environment to Unlock Your Team’s Potential

Say goodbye to the boring office – optimize your work environment and see productivity rise! Several studies have been completed on the ways to optimize your work environment and the benefits of optimization. Studies focus on topics ranging from identifying with the place you work, the type of furniture in the office to the use of color and lighting, giving you a wide range of possibilities to increase health and productivity in the office. Though the options are plentiful, here we provide you with a few tips on how to ensure an efficient, productive and healthy work environment for everyone.

Optimize Your Work Environment

Refresh Your Workspace Arrangement

Many people spend hours sitting at their desk working on computers, and the typical set-up is a standard desk and a chair. However, there are alternatives. For example, many people find their productivity increase when they use an adjustable standing desk that allows them to stand or sit as they choose.

Another option is for team members to replace chairs with aerobic balls; these can have a positive effect on health, posture and thus on productivity.

Ask Your Team: “When do you work best?”

Some individuals are morning people, while others are more productive in the afternoon. Allow individual team members to figure out when they are at their most effective and to plan their schedule accordingly.

When possible, flexi-hours and four-day work-weeks can go far to increase your team’s performance.

Decoration and Lighting

A colorful workspace can boost motivation, as can a lighting scheme. What’s more, studies have found that rounded furniture creates a more productive work environment than angular furniture does. Such matters may seem trivial, but if the office is going to be filled with furniture anyway, it’s much better to choose furniture that adds to rather than detracts from efficiency.

Plants and Artwork

Plants, too, are an excellent way to build a warm, inviting work atmosphere. They give the office a sense of life beyond day-to-day tasks of business. The less sterile and the more alive an office feels, the more productive and happier your team will be.

Artwork with inspiring and motivational words can also create a backdrop that works on a subconscious level to push your team toward greater innovation and efficiency.

Keep Things Positive

Studies show that people work better in positive environments. If you want to optimize your workspace, make sure that the energy amongst the team is as positive as possible. If you notice a negative air in the office, take steps to rectify the situation through conflict resolution, rewriting of rules, or any other measures you deem necessary.

Have an open ear for team members’ concerns so that they, too, have a say in what their positive work environment looks like. With a focus on positive energy, you’ll also notice an increase in efficiency and a greater willingness to engage with the work.

Exploit Available Technology

Our modern world continues to see rapid advances in technology, and this can be a great boon for your work environment. Take time to learn about the latest technologies and how you can implement them in your workplace.

Whether it’s a new accounting program designed to streamline the process or new keyboards tailored to the ergonomic needs of your team members, even the smallest technological advances can be a significant benefit to your company.

Optimize with Your Team

As you strive to optimize your work environment, remember that a tyrannical leader – even with the best intentions – does more harm than good. Give your team members a voice in the process; after all, it is as much their work environment as it is yours.

Doing your best to pull your team into the process of optimization makes your job easier and the new measures that much more palatable to them.

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