Beat the Heat: Motivate as a Manager this Summer

The sun’s rays have a positive effect on our physical and mental well-being. The warmth does us good and refills our energy reserves. The light stimulates the metabolism and aids in vitamin D production. The body requires vitamin D to utilize calcium and build strong bones. There is even information to suggest that it can work to prevent cancer. Natural sunlight counteracts depression, while putting the brakes on melatonin production, making us more alert. UV light also boosts our immune systems and protects the body against sickness. All these factors together lead to increased productivity during the summer months.

motivate as manager this summer

Summer in the office? Things to be aware of as manager

Despite the many positive effects of sunlight, on especially sunny days the heat can be challenging for some. Now is the time for you to guide your team through a wane in motivation. We have the tips you need to become boss of this summer.

1. Be wise about when you ask for more productivity

Because they start their day with more sunlight in summer, many people arrive in the office fit and raring to go. Use this to your advantage and schedule important meetings for first thing in the morning when everyone is still fresh and on the ball. Closer to midday, when the day is at its hottest, you should avoid summoning staff to the meeting room. Instead think of alternatives.

2. The shining sun draws us outside

Not many people want to stay inside when the temperature rises. Where possible, move work outdoors. If your office does not have a garden or roof terrace, take the opportunity to enjoy the nice weather by moving meetings to a beer garden or cafe nearby. The main thing is to get outside in the fresh air. The change of scenery will also do wonders for creativity and it will create the optimal opportunity for brainstorming. Taking a walk outside will clear your head and get your circulation going. You team will be overjoyed about the additional time outside and the chance to refill their vitamin D reserves.

3. Come up with creative ways to motivate

When it gets too hot, even the most motivated team can fall into a slump. This is where a few creative ideas from you can help to get things moving. Ordering iced coffees to the afternoon meeting could be just the thing your employees need to get through the rest of the day. In order to give your employees the feeling of being by the pool, why not get a few hydrating sprays to share around. When the heat gets too unbearable, take it in turns to speak about holiday plans before the scheduled meeting gets underway. This will contribute to boosting morale and mood within your office. When the mercury rises, it is very important to make sure you drink enough. Keeping fluid intake up will help you avoid headaches and circulation problems. Make sure your employees have some attractive options for hydrating in the office.

4. Allow your employees to have a break

Employees who work with motivation and in good spirits need more breaks when the weather warms up in order to stay effective. Turn a blind eye in summer when your employees need an extra break here or there. As long as they are performing, it will do no harm to loosen the reigns a little. Working from home might also be an option for some employees and a chance to dress comfortably for the heat and work around the hottest times of the day. Employees in Mediterranean countries have long worked to this rhythm. Working from home can be a great option for summer with the right strategy in place.

5. Guarantee motivation with a summer party!

Summer is the perfect time set incentives for your employees. Plan a summer party with your employees and work together on the organisation. A shared project is a great motivator and one that will continue the entire summer.

6. Reaping the benefits

When the temperature climbs to 35 degrees, working can be twice as exhausting. As a manager you should take advantage of the summer to do your employees a good turn. This way, it will not only be the temperature that rises this summer it will also be your employee’s motivation.

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