Why Leaving Your Comfort Zone Makes You Work More Effectively

Be honest – are you too comfortable in your current position? Are you bored by your daily routine? Then it’s high time to make a change! Only those who are open to developing and growing as individuals can advance professionally. Our society is especially open to drastic changes and big moves, and it’s essential that professionals are capable of taking initiative in this day and age. This requires commitment and courage – and it’s worth it. Try leaving your professional comfort zone. We’ll show you how to find a new perspective and make the next step in your career.

Why Leaving Your Comfort Zone Makes You Work More Effectively

First: Why do we stay in our comfort zone?

The reasons for this are simple. It’s relatively uncomplicated – routine work procedures pose no big challenge. In a branch where one feels familiar, there are rarely any surprises and very little that can make you break a sweat. It’s extremely comfortable. On the other hand, he who leaves his professional comfort zone is automatically confronted with new hurdles and challenges.

But it’s exactly this type of change that turns a professional into a good manager. When you want to develop yourself in your career, perhaps by taking on new tasks, you must sharpen your skills and gain new experiences. How else can you justify your desire to advance to your supervisors?

The fear of losing control can also keep us from leaving our professional comfort zones. No one likes failing at new tasks. But as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained! Facing new challenges is part of our professional further development. Don’t think of it as a new opportunity to fail, but focus on the possibilities afforded by a new area of expertise.

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Take, for example, an extreme athlete – do you believe that he’d be satisfied to settle for a mediocre performance? Exactly. The desire to improve, the definition of new goals, and his tenacity and endurance make him who he is. This logic can also be applied to everyday work. Think about your professional situation over the last year – are you satisfied? Which goals did you set – did you achieve them? When you commit and continually expand your horizon, you’re signaling your motivation for your next career move and raising your own value.

Have you been striving to be a team leader for ages? Then go forth and lead by example, and showcase your own skills. He who leaves his comfort zone in order to explore new realms is in a good position for improvement. When you leave your comfort zone and explore new areas, you’re putting yourself in a great position to be promoted.

The motto here is: Understand that your challenges are chances – and not just to impress your superiors, but also to prove to yourself that you are capable. Maybe this is the chance to discover more untapped talents, or to participate in a project where you can distinguish yourself and have some fun! It would be a shame to miss out on opportunities like these…

Break out of your comfort zone and take your next career step!

Fight your routine! Naturally, it’s impossible to change these habits overnight – it’s a long-term process that requires much endurance and focus. Now and then, spend some time with your colleagues in other departments and get some inspiration from your coworkers. How do they work? What habits do they have that may help you to grow?

Take on a new perspective, and be brave. Any project can go wrong. Consider what the worst case scenario might be, and weigh it against the potential to learn new things through your own initiative and voracity. Maybe by next year, you’ll already have your next promotion under your belt, and be responsible for new, interesting projects? You’ll see that your commitment pays off.

Inquire about internal and external opportunities for further development. At the moment, in today’s globalized job market, qualifications like fluency in foreign languages are especially valuable. Perhaps you can increase your knowledge on a certain topic by learning more from your company or your colleagues.

Another possibility to develop yourself is to consider an experience abroad. Is your company planning a foreign expansion? Chances like this are dreams come true – with such opportunities, you can improve your intercultural competence, enhance your foreign language skills, and develop valuable contacts.

So, take this chance to break out of your comfort zone, and take advantage of the opportunity to take the next step in your career! We wish you success!

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