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industry change
These formidable tycoons have developed a reputation for taking on bold new projects.

Making Moves: These 5 Execs Have Mastered The Industry Change

Ah, the proverbial mid-career crisis. Featured in movies like Jerry Maguire and the always insightful American Beauty, much of the current bid towards self-employment and the subsequent boom in “entrepreneurship” is related to this very modern narrative of job dissatisfaction, suffocating corporate culture and lifeless, pedantic, paper-pushing work. Click on ALLOW button to have access…

best employee team
A team of adversarial employees won’t bring you further, but are sycophants any better?

Yeasayers vs Naysayers – How Senior Managers Can Assemble Their Best Employee Team

There are basically two main approaches to finding your best employee team, and they are both have their strengths and weaknesses. On one hand, you’ll hear thought leaders argue that teams need to be loyal, “on the same page”, well-drilled and fundamentally in tune with how their managers think. Click on ALLOW button to have…


Professional Tips for Persuasion – Building Untouchable Arguments

Every day, executives make presentations, engage in lively discussions, and work to persuade the masses – whether it’s in front of the public, their investors, or employees in a team meeting. Their success is not dependent on how many PowerPoint slides they’ve woven together – it’s based on the effectiveness of their arguments. What kind…


Safia Minney – The Fair Trade Futurist

Fashion is all about looking to the past for modern trends — but one executive’s future thinking is all about minimizing the true cost of “fast fashion” by grounding the consumer’s decisions firmly in the present. “It might sound strange…but we ought to be buying less fashion,” says the tour de force behind the first…


Angela Ahrendts – The Power of Emotive Leadership

It’s not about her. But she has been the linchpin in the growth of more than half a dozen brands. The shining crown jewel in this collectors set? The transformation of Burberry London from stodgy, tired mom apparel to coveted global brand, the pride and joy of British identity. And now, she has transitioned industries,…

boost innovation in the workplace

How to Boost Innovation in the Workplace

Today one of the key challenges most companies face is trying to rapidly scale their business, while still keeping their innovative startup edge. Startups have less decision-makers, making it easier to take the risks needed to remain as innovative as possible. As these companies start to grow, they often experience a downturn in innovation as management…

What Your Hiring Team Needs to Know About Intelligent Recruitment Trends in 2016

Intelligent Recruitment Trends – What Your Team Needs to Know

The hiring process is a unique landscape with its own navigation system and accompanying GPS. Doubtless responding to the emergence of the VUCA market environment, hiring trends are further influenced by a couple of new kids on the block: variables in the equation like new-age startups that hire rapidly but fire slowly, technology-driven changes to…

cardinal sins of management
The Sins of Management: What Not To Do as a Boss

The Cardinal Sins of Management

We often hear about traits that the boss should have, and these, of course, are excellent points to focus on. But of equal important are the traits that make one a bad boss, the sorts of traits you need to avoid on a senior level, when your responsibilities include the management of a team. Even…


Hillary Clinton on “Between Two Ferns”: A Missed Opportunity

Zach Galifianakis’ interview with Democratic presidential nominee, Hilary Clinton, on “Between Two Ferns” may be of the most unlikely 21st century examples of how NOT to revamp leadership image. The show, a Millennial favorite, provided a specific platform to persuade the young audience to see Clinton in a different light. The comedic jabs served by…

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