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Uber Knew Better

5 of the Biggest HR Disasters From Respected Companies

The recent (read: long-time-in-the-making) “mishaps” at Uber and Susan J. Fowler’s riptide account of her experience as an employee got us thinking: how do such blatantly obvious HR failures even happen? Which, then, got us digging: what other massive, public debacles have happened in the recent past? As it turns out, the answer is surprising…

Downsizing is Hard, But It Doesn’t Have to Be

Amongst managers, the most intimidating process is letting an employee go due to company downsizing. Firing a disruptive employee is one thing, but letting employees go that are productive and reliable colleagues is entirely different consideration. Therefore managers need to approach such a situation with sensitivity and a clear process. Franco Gandolfi, Professor of Management…

6 simple steps to making your employees love you
Happy Valentine’s Day

6 Simple Steps for Making Your Employees Love You

As a manager, you understandably want your employees to like you. After all, employees who like and respect their bosses are more likely to be engaged in their work activities. Such employees are often satisfied with their positions, more productive in the workplace, and more eager to keep their jobs instead of looking for a new…

idea theft
Intellectual plagiarism?

Combating Idea Theft in the Office

One of your employees seems to be a real jack-of-all-trades. This special colleague always has the best ideas, which he presents beautifully in meetings and conversations – but somehow, you can’t shake the feeling that this colleague’s achievements aren’t his own. If you suspect that your employee isn’t who they seem to be, take a…

Strong female leaders: Agrawal’s unique approach to entrepreneurialism encourages doing cool … stuff

Fierce Female Leaders – Miki Agrawal Wants It All

To “Do Cool Sh*t”, Agrawal would say, you have to give a sh*t. If you think the title of her book is way too simplistic and undermines the amount of effort it actually takes to start and sustain a sociallyresponsible business – well, you’d be judging a book by its cover (pun intended). Click on…

Suit Up for The Ultimate Psychological Trick When Doing Salary Negotiations
A terrible joke might be the best way to increase your paycheck. Trust us.

Suit Up for The Ultimate Psychological Tip for Salary Negotiations

Seeing a low salary on an applicant’s resume is a cause for a potential employer to offer a candidate a lower salary than planned. Earlier this year, Massachusetts became the first state in the U.S. to ban inquiries about a candidate’s past salary. In psychology, it’s a widely-dispersed concept of when a person is exposed…

expectation management for junior employees
Handling a green member on the team may require a special touch.

Leading, Not Hand-Holding – Expectation Management for Junior Employees

In order to be an effective manager, the way you communicate with your subordinates and convey your expectations is crucial to your success in your role. If you’ve got a new hire that’s only recently joined the workforce, it can be taxing to determine how best to manage a new employee. Fortunately, there are a few ways…

unmotivated team

Managers, Tighten the Reins Only When You Don’t Have a Motivated Team

When you’re the boss, the objective is pretty clear: have employees engaged and operating at their peak level. Creating a space where employees are to be efficient, careful, and motivated is a constant task for management. This begs the question, what is the management style that remains adaptable with a team of assorted personalities and…

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