Introducing Vantage Point, The Experteer Magazine

Usually, cool cats at Experteer tend to dream of new things in exquisite ways. Most of them are related to just how we can improve the experiences of a user. Vantage Point, the Experteer magazine makes its entry today.

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On a quick Google search, senior management professionals will notice, that while their ‘free time’ does not seem to be increasing, the sheer volume of articles to read on topics of interest is exploding. Further, it doesn’t take much to realize that, most of the results are not necessarily ‘useful’.

In a world where the information flows are extremely high, we seek to cut out the noise and present you with conversations that are relevant. We believe our niche and as a result stronger focus enables us to do that.

We seek to build a Vantage Point enabling you to elevate your career to the next level. This is a platform where we share learnings from experts, senior management, headhunters, recruiters and all the trendsetters (some on the way!) we hope to connect you with.

The topics that we will discuss on Vantage Point are thought starters in all aspects of creative leadership in the career and professional sphere of our consumers, partners and readers.

The German version of the Experteer Magazine can be found here.

We welcome you to talk to us and look forward to sharing career stories through this platform. Start with the details and the FAQs here. If you wanted to contribute to the discussion, write to us here.

Keep watching!

Vantage Point, the Experteer magazine

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