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Cities with the best opportunities work abroad

Working Abroad: The cities with the best opportunities

The opportunity to work abroad once is something many people like to experience and choose. It starts as far back as a student attempting to study a semester abroad. In many programs, it is now an obligation and more and more companies are requiring this of their future employees. A job abroad can not only spice up your resume but you also give you more personal cultural learning. It’s a way for you to experience new cultures, and expand your horizons.

Working in management jobs in Spain

Working in management jobs in Spain!

Have you ever thought of emigrating? The Internet or Travel & Living evening shows are full of it … Many targets are often the exotic European countries- especially those presenting cultures that celebrate work closing time at the beach with a cocktail in hand. Not quite so simple, however, for senior professionals.

transitioning from a colleague to the boss

Transition from a colleague to the boss: The challenges of management jobs

When I grow up, I’d like to be a boss. Perhaps not the most common career people end up having, but I am sure that it’s on your list too. The executive chair offers many benefits: Decision making power, great travel and of course the big money and all that sounds excellent, right? But is there something we are missing- can all that glitter be gold? We spoke with someone who should know. Michael Dams is currently the Managing Director and Director Central Europe (DA-CH) at National Instruments


Germany As a Top Country for Expats

It has scored remarkably high in global expat surveys in the last two years, allowing us to see the European economic power house in a new light. What is enabling the growth of Germany as a top country for expats? What are the key advantages living in Germany when looking through the eyes of expats? How do they perceive and evaluate living and working in Germany? And on the other hand, what are the main challenges for expats adjusting to the local culture in Germany?

innovation is a C-word

Innovation is a C-word

Companies and managers worldwide struggle with a big phenomena: How do you create innovation? As a leader in a corporate trying to scale to the next S-curve, trying to find that one new topic that proverbially ‘moves the needle’ is not an easy puzzle to tackle. Especially, when at times existing structures, hierarchies and silos creating distances between the innovators and customers prove to be major issues in idea implementation. Does innovation come from bottom up, business or design school, or does it belong to the C-suite. Do we agree that ‘Innovation is a C-word?’.

future of sales manager jobs with robots

The future of sales manager jobs is managing teams with robots

So, if reports are to be believed, Nestle Japan is hiring a thousand Robots to sell espresso coffee machines. The first batch of these Robots will already be ‘selling’ by the end of this year. These are chatty humanoid ’emotional’ robots called ‘Pepper’ costing about $2000 each. Apparently the Robot is also able to understand ’70-80%’ conversation and can interact with gooey eyed (or they hope) customers

experteer munich where we are

How do you experience work place culture?

Of late we have talked plenty on company culture- what it means to create one, how can we hire right to match, and most importantly how do we create the right, creative mix. Taking a step back, I thought through the question that was most pertinent before we began the real analysis- how do you experience work place culture?

Working abroad internationally work experience

What does a foreign assignment bring?

Just today, a friend of mine asked me, how Germany fits as a destination for living abroad. We discussed the pros and cons, considering there are no perfect countries and that made me think of multiple expats that come for foreign assignments to different countries across the world. What does a foreign assignment bring? What can one expect to be vary of? What can one expect to learn? All these are questions that decide whether or not we take up these opportunities, or show us pointers to evaluate them.

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