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International Business Culture 101: Corporate Etiquette on a Global Scale

Different countries, different etiquette. For more and more executives, communicating with syndicates and sister companies, suppliers and clients in foreign countries is becoming a part of the daily grind. Professional know-how and industry expertise aren’t the only important factors for success nowadays; intercultural awareness and an understanding of different leadership skills are also increasingly important. For…

tips for adapting in a new country

Expat Executives: Tips for Adapting in a New Country

Overseas Assignments: Tips for Adapting in a New Country One of the sexiest professional perks is a stint abroad. Being sent by your company to one of its international locations usually means a promotion and a higher salary. There is a sense of adventure in it. What’s more, it is often a sign that you…

Benefits of an International Workplace

Olympic Special: Benefits of an International Workplace

We all know two heads are better than one. But what happens when these two minds are the product of completely different countries, backgrounds and cultural upbringings? If the research is anything to go by, diversity helps a company to perform even better. A report by McKinsey titled Diversity Matters uncovered that ethnically diverse organisations are 35 percent more…

Rise of Digital Nomads

4 HR Risks and Opportunities in the Rise of Digital Nomads

The Rise of Digital Nomads The digital nomad movement is very much on the rise throughout the world. Rather than planting roots in a city or town and working for a company nearby, increasing numbers of people are choosing to travel the world but work at the same time. They are essentially self-employed, but they…

Managers On the Move An Exclusive Look at Expat Executives
Managers on the Move

An Exclusive Look at Expat Executives

Ever considered boosting your career by moving abroad? Choosing to live in another country is no longer the privilege of a select few. Learn what life abroad is like for the average expat executive.

job interview in germany

Ace Your Job Interview in Germany

For international job seekers, you may have some questions about the interview process in a foreign land. What customs and norms should you be aware of? How can you best prepare yourself, and make a great impression? As if a job interview in your home country isn’t stressful enough, the added dimension of a new culture and maybe even a new language can make for a real nerve-wracking experience. But Experteer has some advice for those who are looking for a job in Deutschland – our guide will help you to ace your job interview in Germany!

expat life
Professional Wanderlust

Expat Life – The Trials and Triumphs of Working Abroad

For those of us who have left our homelands behind for a better job prospect, for love, or just for something new, we understand that “expat life” is not just a choice. It’s a lifestyle. And according to a recent study, 1/3 of Americans would consider leaving the U.S. for foreign shores. This number has increased dramatically over the last few years, and probably for the best: most recruiters and headhunters strongly believe that international experiences make a candidate more attractive.

But moving to a different country and finding a job is about so much more than booking the flight. The language barriers, lifestyle changes and cultural differences can be staggering, and the difficulties of expat life are not to be underestimated. That said, international experience is practically required for executives and senior managers in today’s job market, especially in Europe. And as most expats can tell you, the experience alone is worth the struggles.

If you’re considering an international move or job offer, be brave enough to say yes. But before you sign the contract, here’s an idea of the factors to consider


International Experience is a Key Qualification for Candidates!

How many languages is a senior professional expected to speak in today’s job market? How can a candidate successfully land an interview from 2,000 miles away? How do you lead a multicultural team? We asked Peter Postinett, leader of Organizational Development at Ramafrut S.L. The international job market holds countless opportunities for qualified candidates.

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