Inside the mind of a successful manager

Finding management jobs is not easy, but it is also only just the first step towards what may potentially be a long haul career ensuring that teams and products work as per plans. We have shared before the classical ‘characteristics’ of a successful manager, as defined by research, teams and headhunters or hiring managers. On the same lines, we came across an interesting infographic talking about what goes insides the mind of a successful manager.

Headhunters answer- Who is a successful manager?

We asked a few headhunters for their response showcasing really the attention that is paid to ‘soft-skills’ as a whole while analyzing who a successful manager could be.

“He must convince technically, be methodical and communicative. The candidate must have something charismatic about him/her so that a feeling of recognition or recall is generated, even much later. A successful manager shows up in conversation even if he/she is not present in the room. He/she is a maker and is able to grab opportunities. That’s a skill surely in demand”
Frank Fauth, CEO Fauth & Collegen GmbH (headhunting and executive recruitment)

“On the one side, customers expect a leader to react to and fulfill their requirements and on the other side successful managers also showcase (future) loyalty to the company. The one who recognizes his/her strengths and is able to represent them in the right manner, is certainly something I consider positive and a successful manager”
Roland Netter, Managing director, GKM-recruitment AG (headhunting and executive recruitment)

“Qualifications and personality with empathy. Someone who is personable. The combination must be right. One is not complete without the other.”
Annekathrin Vollbrecht, Xinonet GmbH (headhunting and executive recruitment)

[Infographic] Inside the mind of a successful manager

There are quite a few things mentioned in the infographic. The one that spoke the most to us was a point on guidance and mentorship. The statistics are telling. Less than 40% employees would prefer a pay raise over a bad boss. The idea is that, money is not the sole motivator, and to be successful and create an environment of motivation and creativity in teams, successful managers take a step forward and mentor their teams into success.

This does not happen without effort. And it is unbelievable how some managers still do not value this aspect enough. Here are some ideas to get you started on your way to becoming a successful manger:

  1. Develop empathy as a manager
  2. Create open communication within your teams
  3. Delegate more
  4. Use appreciation as a motivational tool
  5. Give feedback and often

Hopefully, this inspires the managers in you to make a change towards more tangible success!

Inside characteristics of a successful manager


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