How to Put Up Job Postings for Senior Positions as a Recruiter

The battle for the best candidates today requires a lot of commitment on the part of the employer. Good talents are few and far in between and it is not easy to find top talent. A common strategy recommended to help a headhunter or executive recruiter almost assumes that top candidates will be presented on a silver platter. And you only need to choose the best among them. But life is hardly so ideal.

In addition to the several challenges that headhunters face while interviewing, the first step itself is not always easy. Not every job advertisement tends to be a successful job posting. We have a few tips for all you hiring managers and recruiters on how to put up put up job postings for senior positions successfully!

How to put up job postings for senior positions as a recruiter

Who are you?

Imagine your company. Who are you? What is your expertise area? Who are your customers? How large is your company? How do you define the work culture of your firm? The candidates will obtain an accurate picture of your company and also check whether or not they can identify with it. You do not just want the most suitable candidate, so make sure their philosophy matches yours!

Where are you?

The location or the lack of it (remote) can prove to be a crucial decision criteria especially for senior candidates. Do you have an office in downtown New York or are you tucked into small town Ann Arbor? You need to communicate this clearly. Should the candidate be interested in changing locations, you should do the best to clarify things at the outset. False expectations only lead to disappointments and it is important to save both you and the candidate valuable time.

What are you looking for?

Whether it is through an exact title or the clarity in job expectations, you need to get onto the same page and capture imagination of a senior candidate. If it is a role that you expect them to develop on their own, even there you need to highlight that clearly.

What can you offer?

Provide the applicant sufficient incentives to opt for your business. Do you have a specific career development program? Or are looking for someone who will be working directly with the top management? Then do not let this go unmentioned. Of course, the salary needs to be competitive to attract the attention of senior candidates.

What must the candidate bring to the table?

Give the candidate a very good idea of your expectations in their role. Looking for an employee with specific qualifications? Do not assume a certain amount of training. Communicate this clearly in the job posting. Also describe as precisely as possible the expected tasks, so that the candidate can be choose correctly.

How can the candidate get in touch ?

Give the applicant all the necessary information needed for the application. Provide the number for the contact person and the dates. If you link to a proprietary application tool, make sure that the candidate finds the exact links easily. Name all the necessary documents and the information you require from the applicant.

Which platforms must you choose?

Pick the right application platform for your job posting. Professional networks will appeal to a different audience than social media channels or specific career platforms such Experteer. Think in advance which pool you want to fish from.

And all that’s left in the end is to wish you good luck in sourcing your next big talent!

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