How to Motivate Your Employees as a Manager

We can’t always entrust all leaders to have the skill to consistently motivate employees. And employee motivation is now much more serious as a topic- and that’s a good thing! Nevertheless, many forget that not every strategy to motivate staff is equally effective.

How to motivate your employees as a manager?

How to motivate your employees as a manager?

In addition, the needs of workers have changed, especially in recent years. To pursue a career at any price is no longer the primary goal of workforce just as getting the highest paycheck is not. What increasingly matters more is appreciation and communication.

Before we ask you to look at the infographic below in more detail and put yourself under scrutiny regarding your motivation skills, we have a few tips on how to motivate your employees as a manager.

Tips on how to motivate your employees as a manager

# 1. Communicate with your employees. The only way you can make sure that everyone is informed and the projects run in the right direction

# 2. Show appreciation. You must show that you know what your team is up to, appreciate their hard work and also know what they can do for the company.

# 3. Create transparency. Be an authentic leader, identify with your staff. You must be approachable as a person for your employees. Creating an uneasy distance between you and your employees  can quickly lead to fear. And fear in the long run is a very bad motivator.

Enough talk, let yourself be inspired to increase employee motivation! Good luck!

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