How do I look for a job while employed or on a holiday?

The question of how do I look for a job while employed or on a holiday came really from a Reddit string here. And we had our ears up. This did not seem like an unusual situation and we decided to find more insights on what could be the potential tips!

how to find a job while employed

3 steps on how do I look for a job while employed or on a holiday:

  • Invest in Personal branding- online: We have stressed on this topic before, and there really is no way around it. Dream jobs do not happen, but need to be worked for. Additionally 91% headhunters and recruiters are looking for you all over social and online networks. There’s no reason not to work at setting up professional avatars for yourself online! There’s a huge difference between ‘spending’ time online versus ‘investing’ time on your career. It is up to you to choose the right channels and platforms for yourself to enhance your opportunities and find the right networks.
  • Make a job profile that works on its own while you holiday: Usually all ‘marketplace’ services are built on the model of automatically matching you to relevant opportunities. For instance, on Experteer, you can set up saved search alters- to get emails directly into your inbox. Needless to say, automatic tools work best, when you take time (one time effort usually) to set up profiles (also connected with your personal branding) and put in career goals and other details. This enables recruiters and headhunters to do a small check and also scan through your profile to find a match with various opportunities.
  • Don’t forget to be discreet: There is no bigger tragedy than your whole network- especially the bosses- coming to know that you have tampered with your LinkedIn profile or when your profile (God forbid) starts sending the whole network information on your status which says ‘looking for a new position‘. How embarrassing is that? Of course the current news on 6 year olds being more ‘technology’ savvy than 45 year olds is doing the rounds, but that’s not the bracket you’re looking for, right? Besides, if tools are so difficult and time consuming to set privacy on- please use a discrete service instead!
  • BONUS – extra step- use your mobile: Utilize your mobile. Long waits at airports, in the cabs, queues at Wimbledon, can all feel better and productive if you carry important details on your mobile devices. There are plenty of programs to filter emails, those than can benefit from a quick check on the mobile and be sent to the trash bin. There are also apps to increase productivity and career apps that help you keep a tab on what’s happening around. Seriously, what’s there not to like? No-one is disputing the fact that you perhaps need to balance your work and life, but think about the next step in your career. The day is not likely to produce over 24 hours, and using the Internet service in the office is not an option. At home, spending time with family takes priority. So, why not use the commute time while you sit thinking about dream jobs in your local trains!

Hopefully, you can use these steps and get closer to those dream jobs!

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