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Oddball interview questions for executive jobs

Oddball interview questions for executive jobs: To ask or not to ask

Recently, Glassdoor compiled a list of some of the most “oddball” questions candidates were asked at interviews. We have had headhunters tell us, that sometimes interview questions for executive jobs also tend to turn into oddball questions- because some do not prepare well enough for basic questions, that can turn tricky. Some of these Glassdoor questions included:

Headhunter insights on cv for senior managers

What do headhunters look for in the CV for senior managers?

As a part of our ongoing series of conversations with headhunters, today we present insights from Jörg Stegemann- a headhunter . Headhunters and executive recruiters are the first step into getting into a great management jobs. Recently, a senior executive in his 40s was contacted by a headhunter and he reached out to one of our colleagues asking: what do headhunters look for in a CV for senior managers? We do believe a lot gets written about this topic, however, getting the insights directly from a headhunter is most helpful in this context, allowing candidates access to practical insights and tips during a job application process. This is an old interview but we decided to share it, since it does still give us the insights that we feel candidates would be keenly interested in. Here’s our top 5!

How to create a happy work environment

Management Skills 106: How to Create a Happy Work Environment

A recent poll conducted by SmartCompany revealed what motivates people to go to work. The top five results were achievement, money, creative output, great team dynamic, and retirement. Another study also shows that the top three things workers want are interesting work, full appreciation for the work they do, and a feeling of being “in” on things.

15 weirdest thing a recruiter ever did

15 weirdest things a recruiter ever did as recounted by candidates!

We’ve been running amok with all the new things that are on the table all this week. In the midst of it all, the Headhunter called. Of course, while being in the job, finding new jobs is not that easy. Especially, when we are quite ‘satisfied’ with what we do. Although, at heart the ambition to own that big beach house in Florida and go to Sicily for an Italian summer is not lost on anyone. We tend to pay heed to these ‘headhunter contact requests’ and calls purely because, what if, it’s that one big thing that catapults us into fame and money (or whatever else, we wished for as kids- even making Hovercrafts post Star Wars). It is heartbreaking when these emotions get jumbled up a bit, with the weirdest things a recruiter at times comes up with.

Headhunter interview crossroads consulting mitch beck

10 Surprising Reactions from Headhunters

We started a series on insights from Headhunters earlier this week, and today we have a few answers today, with a humorous twist for your application process, considering it is a fun Friday! Today’s insights come to us from Mitch Beck from Crossroads consulting.

Mercuri Urval headhunter insights

10 key Insights from Headhunters on Your Job Application

Today, we start with a series, of conversations with Headhunters and executive recruiters focused on hiring for management jobs. We wish to allow our candidates and executive job seekers an insights into how a headhunter looks at your application, to be able to stand out and reach your dream executive positions, without a worry!

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