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Weirdest job titles ever namer of clouds

15 weirdest job titles that you could actually have

Earlier, we talked about what career should you actually have, and today, we wanted to share, the 15 weirdest job titles that you could actually have. Let’s go through a few exquisite ones for a fun Friday

Workplace values manifesto

Building a workplace values manifesto for your team

With workplaces becoming more collaborative, people are increasingly looking not just for jobs, but also for organizations whose values and culture align with their own. As a manager, it is your decision on the working environment you wish to create – be it an authoritarian or a self-organizing working environment.

Using the Tool of appreciation at work

What can you achieve through the tool of appreciation at work?

Today’s global labor situation have led to heightened concerns for employees about job security, elevated stress levels and a diminishing sense of company loyalty. As a result, HR professionals are confronted by problems like low productivity, negative workplace attitudes, increased absenteeism and larger attrition rates in the workplace. This makes recognizing the tool of appreciation at work a critical necessity.


How do you create the right work culture?

Recently, @newscred ran a Twitter chat, the topic was: how do you create a culture of content in your organization? I’ve worked for 8 years now. I’ve been through 3 university degrees, and everywhere no matter what anyone says, I’ve understood one thing: one of the biggest impediments to successful project executions is not the technology, tools or anything fancy, but the people and their work culture. How do you create the right work culture?

How to respond to a headhunter call at your workplace

How to Respond to a Headhunter Call at Your Workplace

As a part of our ongoing series when we ask Headhunters the questions that are most pertinent from a candidate’s perspective, we have insights today from Erni Curk, the Managing Director from the Profil Group in Ljubljana that focuses on executive recruitment. From having an internal locus of control alongside a big picture view, to how to respond to a headhunter call at your workplace, read more to find out all that’s expected of candidates in senior positions…

experteer munich where we are

How do you experience work place culture?

Of late we have talked plenty on company culture- what it means to create one, how can we hire right to match, and most importantly how do we create the right, creative mix. Taking a step back, I thought through the question that was most pertinent before we began the real analysis- how do you experience work place culture?

12 outstanding traits of a great boss

Infographic: 12 Outstanding traits of a great boss

Time and again, we’ve talked about soft-skills and the fact that while the industry experience and knowledge are a given for most management positions, it is often the emotional skills that make a difference between a bad boss and a great leader. Earlier, we shared the 7 reasons why you are not a top manager. We also shared the personality traits of those that we consider bad bosses- or propagators of ‘toxic leadership’. However, with the weekend approaching today we are sharing the 12 outstanding traits of a great boss!

Experteer Careerdate Christoph Skrobol

How to know if you are the right culture fit at work- meet your careerdate!

Post a recent HR seminar in Germany, a few excited HR bloggers shared their insights and someone Tweeted the new HR mantra. It said, “Wir müssen Charaktere rekrutieren, nicht Lebensläufe”. Loosely translated it meant, we must recruit for ‘characteristics/ culture-fits’ and not resumes. The immediate question that sparked up my imagination was- how? Today, I spoke with Christoph Skrobol, founder and CEO of a unique new recruitment service- Careerdate

Referral Hiring

Why referral hiring is the new recruitment buzzword

Why “referral hiring” is the new recruitment buzzword

Referral recruitment encompasses a wide range of activities that use employee referral programs, online job boards, and social media to research, engage, and ultimately hire people.

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