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worst way for a candidate to behave with a headhunter

A Headhunter Shares the Worst Way for a Candidate to Behave on a Phone Call

Priorly we shared details with you on how to establish a long term relationship with a headhunter or an executive recruiter and what could be done potentially to improve your chances of getting the next management position. Today, we present an interesting interview with Hildegard Freund, CEO of Hildegard HR Consulting in Germany. From talking through the best ways to contact a headhunter to the worst way for a candidate to behave on the first phone call, get all the exclusive insights directly from the headhunter, and be sure that you’re following all the best practices!

bearer of bad news as a manager

Management Skills 205: How to be the bearer of bad news

Being the bearer of bad news is of the biggest challenges managers face. No body likes bad news, and it is worse when you know you might be ruining somebody’s day or much more. It never gets easier to tell someone they’re not performing up to standards, or to tell a whole team that their project they’ve spent so many hours on is now scrapped or the company is downsizing.

What questions should a candidate ask a headhunter

What Questions Should a Candidate Ask a Headhunter?

In our regular interviews with headhunters and executive recruiters, we have already answered a variety of questions: How do headhunters define a top manager? How can you be present on a headhunter’s radar? What are they looking for in candidate CVs? Today we’d like to present exclusive insights from Roland Netter, CEO and Managing Partner of GKM-recruitment AG. We’ve asked him some candidate-centric questions for you, including how what questions should a candidate ask a headhunter. Read further to get these exclusive insights…


How to determine the cost of unhappy employees?

As we described before, workplace happiness has a direct impact on productivity of employees. As a manager and a CEO, this is something that of utmost importance. Especially with the millennials entering the workforce and wanting far more flexibility, tangible work-culture, most managers have to deal with the cost of unhappy employees.

creative job applications

3 Most creative job applications!

Standing out from the crowd is a great skill. We already shared how your CV or job application hardly get more than a few minutes (even seconds) from the recruiter when so many applications are in competition for a single dream job. What can you potentially do to be different? While, we do not essentially recommend blatantly copy what we are about to share here, but we thought it could make you think out of the box on some aspects depending on your industry, function and level of seniority. For a fun Friday, it you are unable to use this inspiration! Here are 3 unique and creative job applications for your perusal!

Recruitment agencies are not dead. Seeking management jobs needs headhunters

Recruitment Agencies Are Not Dead! Why professionals seeking management jobs need headhunters

A lot of our candidates for senior management positions have held their current jobs for a few years and sometimes they are no longer in the know or aware of the current job market and recruitment best practices. Especially in the last few years, for senior positions, there’s been a dramatic change with the infusion of always-on social and online career networks, that are changing the traditional recruitment scenario considerably. Earlier, we talked about the various definitions of headhunters, recruitment coaches and other industry terminology. Today, Tony Restell, CEO Social-Hire, shares with us details on recruitment agencies.

Why is mobile recruitment important
Optimize the experience for candidates

Why Mobile Recruitment is Important for Headhunters

Experteer experiences with candidates and headhunters alike have shown us the power of Mobile recruiting in today’s recruitment world. We shared with you before that we launched its own native iOS Experteer mobile app as a response to our candidates’ mobile experiences and needs. The great insight on that front is that close to 35% of all traffic from our 5 million strong candidates comes via the mobile now. Here’s why we think it is critical especially in the recruitment scenarios and how as a headhunter or executive recruiter you can think through your mobile recruitment strategy!

top boss at 25 women in management positions

Top boss at 25: Women in management jobs meet Jenny Krumme

A while back we talked about women in management jobs, while we are on the same topic today, this one is even more special. Jenny Krumme is a top boss at 25. Many of us girls (and boys) in childhood get subjected to the same career question in each party. What would you like to be when you grow up? Plenty among us decide on our career paths quickly and many others go through varied paths before one can safely assume that one has arrived.

Are you headhunter material or not

7 Key Insights: Are You Headhunter Material?

We have already described how the headhunting business came about. However, while many of us use several terms in this business, we thought of sharing some insights from Liz Ryan’s post talking about several of these and most importantly sharing what one must expect from headhunters. It also addresses the key candidate question of, are you headhunter material or not?

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