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How to lead management teams more effectively

How to Lead Management Teams More Effectively

Few leaders would disagree that effective teamwork is essential to the good health of an organization, but many would admit that the teams they lead do not function as effectively or efficiently as they would like. Why is this? Why is it that sincere, hardworking people who care about the places in which they work cannot achieve the results that might be expected of them?

headhunter tips for career in 2015

Career Tips From a Headhunter: Do you want to find success?

Welcome to 2015! We do hope, you have had plenty of fun during Christmas but how about your resolutions for this new year? Have you thought about them yet? If you need advice on your management career or need a top recruiter to give you advice, we can help.

words to impress how hiring managers read resumes

How do hiring managers read resumes ?

At the time of looking at the job description, it feels perfect. And you submit the resume. And then you wonder, how do managers read resumes? What are they looking at?

Reverse mentoring tips

How to use reverse mentoring as a tool!

Reverse mentoring (or reciprocal mentoring) refers to an initiative in which older executives are paired with and mentored by younger employees on topics such as technology, social media, and current trends. In the tech industry or other businesses that rely heavily on technology, reverse mentoring is seen as a way to bring older employees up to speed in areas that are often second nature to 20-something employees…

Self-marketing in your application

Applying in Germany: Self-marketing in your application

Marketing is no longer just a sales strategy which is limited to products. Also the marketing of oneself (if you want to remain attractive for the labor market) or self-marketing in your application is increasingly important in today’s world.

how do senior professionals evaluate their job satisfaction

How do senior professionals evaluate their job satisfaction?

On the one hand, due to the prevailing economic climate companies are forced to develop innovative products and to prevail on a hugely competitive and highly technological market. Therefore, they must invest in their human capital. On the other hand, the motivation and commitment of employees is nowadays is largely dependent on how much a company committed to the development of its employees. Here questions arise such as, what is the meaning and purpose that these employees associate with their daily work?

Contact with headhunters

6 Best Practices on How to Establish Great Contact with Headhunters

If you have received a call from a headhunter or were invited to an interview, then you initially expect many questions from the Headhunters. But who says that you can not ask them questions? As a senior professional, what are the best practices to keep in mind while trying to develop a great contact with headhunters?

Inside characteristics of a good manager

Inside the mind of a successful manager

Finding management jobs is not easy, but it is also only just the first step towards what may potentially be a long haul career ensuring that teams and products work as per plans. We have shared before the classical ‘characteristics’ of a successful manager, as defined by research, teams and headhunters or hiring managers.

360 degree feedback

360 degree feedback

Feedback at the end of the year is now key for everyone. Whenever we make great strides in our lives, whether it is a new job, time back in the university or engagement to a longtime partner, we are looking for confirmation and feel the urge to share our ideas with others. If you have the choice between equally viable options we go through the pro-cons’ analysis in our head and sometimes even feel a sort of cognitive dissonance. This comes in with an incredibly unpleasant feeling of tension and uncertainty that is hard to get rid of, making decisions harder. Feedback is just one way to give a little more expression of our own feelings.

What not to do when a headhunter calls

What Not to Do When a Headhunter Calls

It’s a Monday like any other. Somehow everything is not going as smoothly as you would like. The coffee is on strike like the subways and even then there’s this email from your boss, the day seems messed up already by 8 clock in the morning … And then there’s this call: “Hello, do you have a moment for me? Can you speak freely?” Who would have thought, that on the other line there is a headhunter and he calls in to save your day. Well, at least he has a very high probability that a leading management position is in store for you …

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