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7 qualities headhunters are hiring for

7 Qualities Headhunters Are Hiring For

Over the past year, and in our own experience, we often talk to our headhunter partners and hear out their insights and also the key characteristics that they are looking for in a new candidate especially for a senior position. It is often hard to put a tangible measure for all the soft management skills that are increasingly growing in prominence with all executive recruiters and headhunters alike.

introverts in the workplace

How it Pays to Promote Introverts in the Workplace

Let’s be honest: Our working environment is partly a large stage on which we need to market ourselves and represent our abilities in order to succeed. It all comes down to how we are able to emphasize strengths and cover up weaknesses. However, often we forget that perceived weaknesses can also be strengths that equip us with excellent characteristics, and sometimes we do not recognize their potential. If you are somewhat familiar with psychology, you have probably heard of the Big 5 personality traits.


How to Put Up Job Postings for Senior Positions as a Recruiter

The battle for the best candidates today requires a lot of commitment on the part of the employer. Good talents are few and far in between and it is not easy to find top talent. A common strategy recommended to help a headhunter or executive recruiter almost assumes that top candidates will be presented on a silver platter. And you only need to choose the best among them.

Diversity at workplace

Why Do We Continue to Harp About Diversity at Workplace?

Often when are in a meeting talking about ‘hey let’s try this new thing’, sometimes (rightly) the product manager hits back and says, ‘let’s see how this will move the needle’. Therefore, before getting into the details of everything in the world that is crashing down, let’s then start with the bottom line. Why do we continue to harp about diversity at workplace?

The case for rehiring senior managers

The Case for Rehiring Senior Managers

There is possibly no recruitment method more cost- or time-efficient than re-staffing reliable former employees. According to a 2009 Career Builder survey of 2,924 hiring managers, 26% of employers who had laid people off in recent years were planning on bringing some of those layoff casualties back.


How is Recruitment of Female Managers Different?

Many headhunters specialize in certain specific industries or career levels only. This comes as a surprise to no one. So if you are looking for a new top position in your field, you can use a number of smaller or larger companies- depending on their experience. If you prefer personal contact, you will probably prefer to work with a smaller but more niche headhunting company.


How to Motivate Your Employees as a Manager

We can’t always entrust all leaders to have the skill to consistently motivate employees. And employee motivation is now much more serious as a topic- and that’s a good thing! Nevertheless, many forget that not every strategy to motivate staff is equally effective. In addition, the needs of workers have changed, especially in recent years.


How to Identify a Good Headhunter

In most of our posts, we focus on giving candidates exclusive tips on the operation of headhunters and insights directly from their side. But it’s not just the candidates who are looking for the best headhunters. For you as business owners or hiring managers or HR managers trying to fill the new vacancy in your teams, selecting a trustworthy and good recruiter is extremely important.

HR software and recruitment tools

How to Select HR Software and Recruitment Tools

Looking back today in any company, we see intelligent systems that perform routine tasks such as personnel expense reports, time and attendance, workforce planning, controlling or training management and support the recruitment team in the battle for the most skilled and talented minds. In the era of globalization and high-end technology, the vacant positions are no longer stuck on physical bulletin boards but with each company utilizing its online presence.

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