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6 People Who Will Destroy Your Team (and How to Deal With Them)

One could train the team members to hone their skills or learn the brand new tools, but experts often say that it is impossible to fully change the work-attitudes people bring with them. This is especially more difficult at senior levels, where the many years of experience ensure the attitudes are almost set in stone.

How to identify an attractive employer

How to Identify an Attractive Employer

It’s no longer a secret that the Millenial generation is rapidly taking over the job market. Companies and corporations are starting to feel the effects of the changing demands and needs of these employees.

6 steps for employer branding

Employer Branding – Six Steps to Success

Employer branding refers to the marketing and positioning of a company within a relevant target market. Heralded experts like Professor Dr. Christoph Beck, a professor at the University of Applied Science in Koblenz, demonstrate how to provide a positive image as an interesting employer to potential and current employees. Professor Dr. Beck’s specialties include personal marketing,…


How is Recruitment Changing With Big Data

Recently while hearing the story of how the Email was invented, I thought about the time without the computers and mobiles (that I do incidentally remember). How did we ever communicate efficiently before?

7 things no headhunter will tell you

7 Things That No Headhunter Will Tell You

In our last interview with Jorg Stegemann, a global headhunter, he provided exclusive insights into his work as a top recruiter. Stegemann shared his tips for anyone over the age of 40 who may be searching for a new job, and even compared looking over resumes to perusing a restaurant menu

3 tips for being a loved manager

3 Tips for Being a Loved Manager

New year, new chances. This also applies to you as a boss. Now is the time to be specific in the new corporate goals and create resurgence in the upcoming projects. It is also the time for self-assessment. How well have you developed the relationships with your employees?

Age is no hindrance for your success as a top manager

Age is No Hindrance for Your Success as a Top Manager

Even if you are not concerned much or seek to deny it: This year you will not be able to fight your destiny again. Sooner or later, your age will increase further by a year. Whether you are just at the peak of your career or in the search of a new senior position in the new year, the one thing that we can’t deny is a factor in most career decisions is: age

am I too old to be CEO

Am I Too Old to Be CEO?

Looking at the 22 year old CEOs of many tech companies, it is often a question that many of us ask ourselves. Am I too old to be CEO? Have I missed the entrepreneurship train? Funnily enough, if survey results are to be believed, about 2/3rd employees want to work in ‘magical’ start-ups.

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