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career venn diagram how your headhunter finds you a top position

10 things you do not know: how your Headhunter finds you a top position

Headhunters as we introduced before, are a part of a serious business. Usually most of us are not aware of the whole value chain or the activities of a headhunter especially when analyzing just how a Headhunter finds you a top position. We decided to list down the top ten activities that are a part of the Headhunter business to help you see the steps of reaching your dream career in a more transparent manner.

Employee retention rationale

Today’s employee retention woes: Where are all the good candidates?

Over the past few years, the global economy has undergone tumultuous changes with the looming threat of a constant recession-like situation. The environment that organizations are operating in today is one characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. In a recent survey released by salary.com, 65% of employees admitted to passively or actively looking for…


What does your dream job mean to you?

Experteer conducted a survey recently asking respondents (across countries with 7000 respondents), what was the most important criteria for them while ‘finding a dream job’. 90% candidates responded with ‘salary’. We like to believe it’s not so black and white.

active sourcing

What are the biggest hurdles recruiters face while active sourcing candidates?

Active sourcing is a relatively new concept and considering how critical senior leadership is for the future of a company, it is increasingly an important phenomena for senior management hires. We scouted our social media channels to discover what are the biggest hurdles recruiters face. Recently in an online Twitter chat, @sourcingadda came up with…

active sourcing

Why should you care about Active Sourcing?

For the Headhunters and recruiters seeing candidates ‘Actively’ in the labor market, Experteer recently launched an analytics tool enabling them to perform candidate ‘Active Sourcing‘ much more efficiently. This is especially critical in the top 10% market where our candidates are typically placed.


Tracing back recruitment history: The first headhunter was a soldier

Headhunting as a term on a quick Google glance comes from literally taking someone’s head (with all the soulful and intelligent information) after killing them. Thankfully, in the recruitment and careers space, it is not half as brutal. Although, it’s fair to say that for senior professionals and headhunters alike, there’s no doubt that it…

Employee satisfaction

Green Benefits Trigger Greater Employee Satisfaction

‘Going green‘ is an expression that gained popularity in the business world in recent years. More and more companies develop an interest in environmental protection and take action in this sense. On top of cutting costs in the long-term and governmental support, it seems that ‘green’ efforts tend to influence employees’ pride in the organization and…

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