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Unusual employee benefits

6 Unusual Employee Benefits

You might think that when it comes down to employee benefits, you are aware of all options: company car, fuel card, laptop and mobile phone. But these benefits are only those that fall into mainstream practices. Some companies took the concept a step further to secure their talented employees’ loyalty. Here are some eloquent examples:

Dissatisfaction with bosses i

Longer job tenure worsens your relationship with your boss and colleagues!

When people talk about wanting to be CEOs or reaching any senior management positions, the question often is, do they follow the titles, or do they genuinely try and find if the position allows them job satisfaction? Job and career satisfaction are both subjective, and based heavily on personal priorities. And yet could there be a common view? While salary and position are generally indicators of ‘job satisfaction’, we definitely think relationship with your boss and colleagues plays an important role, considering it is often shown in surveys that most people tend to leave jobs due to bad bosses!

CEO occupation comes with worries Handling a multi-cultural workforce

The CEO occupation comes with worries: Handling a multi-cultural workforce

The CEO occupation comes with worries that only seem to have multiplied over time. The stress and strain on an average day is not the only problem. The fact that there is often a multi-cultural work force to deal with is an additional issue gaining prominence. And unfortunately, it effects all management jobs, not just the CEO.

Work is fun

Employee advice to senior management: have fun!

At heart, Experteer is a small international start up brimming with life and all the fun you can imagine in an online company that thrives on innovating. We started off as a first mover in a space we almost created on our own in the home market in Germany and now it’s exciting to see…

Is Zalando losing top talent

Is Zalando top talent leaving the firm quickly?

Sometimes data leads to interesting insights, and we wanted to get our heads around this one quite a bit. Experteer analytics data suggests that Zalando’s management churn seems to be much higher than the ‘Internet’ industry level in Deutschland. Here are some rather stark data points we discovered: 1 in every 4 senior professionals in…

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